17 July 2019

Weird T-Shirts Are My Comfortable Style Staple

These days, there are few things I love putting on my body quite as much as plus-size T-shirts. The seemingly simple wardrobe "basic" was one I avoided for a long time. It wasn't a conscious decision, per se. I just liked to feel done-up. Or maybe, as a fat woman, I thought I had to be done-up. I'm still not totally sure which it was; possibly some combination of the two.

In any case, the older I've gotten, the less concerned I've become with always wearing dresses and skirts and pearls and kitten heels. Don't get me wrong: I still enjoy all of these things very much. I've also just happened to learn to feel equally cute, professional, or ready for the day ahead in more low-key garments — my favourite of which is the ever-easy-to-wear tee.
I was extremely excited when LA-based designer Heather Lipner re-launched the formerly-named Clashist into Clashish in late 2018 (you can check out her Instagram here). These T-shirts are a most whimsical source of pop culture references, trippy prints, and otherwise bold designs (just look at the Private Parts Tee currently for sale). The brand has even launched kidswear! If ever you've dreamed of dressing your toddler in a shirt covered in fanny packs, look no further. 

The adult Two-Headed Teddy Tee I'm wearing here is definitely my current fave on the site. I absolutely love that, from afar, one might think I'm simply rocking some run-of-the-mill plush bears on my bosom. Upon closer inspection, however, it will quickly become clear that this is not the case. No, no. These bears have two heads!

They are grotesque and adorable all at once, which is right up this former emo kid's alley. In addition to being a big fan of T-shirts, I am forever a lover of wearing indisputably weird things. I probably feel most myself when doing so, actually. If I were to dig deep into why this might be the case, I'm sure it has something to do with reclaiming the term "weird" after years of childhood and adolescent bullying on the basis on my perceived oddness.
I paired the look with some punky check trousers that I picked up at M&S last winter (similar ones are still available at M&S or Boohoo) and wide-fit, chunky yellow trainers from ASOS. The outfit pleased my '90s-bred sensibilities, and is just incredibly comfortable to wear through the day. 

Comfort has become pretty important to me since having children. I know I'm going to be chasing after them all day, cleaning up their myriad messes, and wrangling them in and out of the car multiple times. I need to be able to move easily, and that's where the classic tee and trouser look usually has my back. 

Comfort doesn't have to be boring, though. By rocking a T-shirt featuring a quirky AH design, I can achieve the feeling without sacrificing my more peculiar sartorial preferences.

Size Note: Although Clashish doesn't yet have a specific plus-size line, I have found that the unisex XL and XXL sizes are very stretchy and can accommodate a decent range. For reference, I am wearing the XXL (I wear a size UK 24/26; US 20/22) and I'm certain it would still fit at one or two sizes larger.

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