04 June 2015

Monif C. Beach Chic Blogger Giveaway

If there's a rare find in the world of plus-size swimwear, it's a bathing suit that's mean to support your curves without hiding them. By that I mean, something that isn't designed with the idea of "slimming down fat girls," but rather, giving their bodies the utmost comfort while letting the beauty of those fuller bodies shine through. With the ever-popular "fatkini" trend, the options have definitely been improving steadily over the course of the last couple of years. But if there's one designer really delivering luxury and structure for a cost that's not going to completely throw you into financial devastation, it's Monif Clarke of Monif C.
As a confident, goddess-esque plus-size woman herself, Monif knows what larger bodies need to feel truly comfy. She knows a swimsuit needs to be built with extra support in areas like the tummy so everything can be kept into place while you're prancing around the beach (or, you know, a Brooklyn rooftop, if you're me). But she also knows that in order to do this, you shouldn't have to force a garment to "slim" or "tuck" or "minimize" the body. With qualities like reinforced elastic, control lining, removable bra cups, and removable halter straps, her swim line is all about stability without compromising. You don't have to compromise the shape of your body. You don't have to compromise your most beloved chunky bits. You don't have to compromise style.
The "Fiji" Sweetheart Ruched Swimsuit I'm wearing here feels to me like a profession of love. When I'm in it, I'm reminded that I adore my body. While it makes me reflect upon all the wasted time I spent not feeling this way, it makes me grateful that I managed to arrive at all. With these strategic belly cutouts, I can show the world that I'm not ashamed of my stomach. I'm not afraid of being seen or wearing something that puts what so many think of as a "problem area" in the spotlight. Because it's not a problem area at all. And we seriously need to stop thinking as much.
So… with swim season basically here (unless you're on the East Coast and dealing with these temperamental weather changes), Monif C. has teamed up with six plus-size bloggers and body pos proponents for the Beach Chic Giveaway. Monif's newest swim line is filled with the stuff bathing suit dreams are made of. Everything from sexy cutouts to experimental necklines to pastel hues to bold prints is there. And I'd absolutely love to introduce as many plus women to the wonders that is wearing a bathing suit that isn't designed to "fix" or "slim" or "hide" your beautiful bod.
So! If you're interested in being gifted a free swimsuit, please enter the raffle below between now and June 18th! All you have to do is:

  1. Comment on this blog post with your swimsuit preference (including size) and contact info.
  2. Follow @monifcplussizes on Instagram.
  3. Spread the word using the #monifcbeachchic hashtag.
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I know swim season has traditionally been this weird source of anxiety for so many women (and men, let's be fair) of all sizes and shapes. It's been a harbinger of body hate and negative self-talk. But it doesn't have to be. Every body is beach-ready. Every body is a bikini body. Every body deserves to feel sexy and beautiful and confident and all-around phenomenal. And that includes when wearing a swimsuit. Heck, maybe especially then.

Images by Paddy McClave — who shot these on an old Polaroid because this bathing suit totes deserves the magic that is analog photography.
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