15 January 2015

It's Hard To Lose A Chosen One

If I'm being honest, January has been an absolute nightmare. I tend to use the first month of a New Year as foreshadowing material — but I am seriously hoping that 2015's is a fluke. Perhaps all of the really terrible things are getting themselves out of the way to make way for softer, kinder months, especially considering that by the end of 2014, I was actually looking forward to the coming 12 months. But I guess that's what you get for having good expectations. (Moral of the story: Never have expectations other than bad ones.)
I know it's hard to tell how bad January has been based on these photographs — but I can't take any credit for that. The ethereal prettiness is mostly down to Rachel Crittenden's beautiful photography (and, you know, how she is as a human), and also the fact that it's hard not to feel happy when wearing a dress like this. I've been obsessed with red lately, and I think this dress is definitely that obsession's climax. It's a little number by Chi Chi Clothing for ASOS and is basically everything I need from an almost-gown. It flows and swirls. It has intricate lace detailing. And it has that nifty little ability of transporting you to age-5 before the world interfered in your never-ending happy dance.
Nothing about this dress is particularly "flattering," in the way that you hear that word so often thrown around. It doesn't show off my curves so that I look like a bombshell-classic-beauty-with-an-hourglass-figure. Nor does it hide them in a way that would make me pass as anything less than a chunky lady. But I think that's why I love it. It's not trying to be a fashion rule. It's just existing timelessly, as though the rules of dressing for your size never even crossed its mind.

Get the Look:
Chi Chi Plus Longsleeved Lace Bardot Midi Dress/ASOS



  1. This dress looks so gorgeous and glamorous on you! I love the cameo necklace, too.

    I'm sorry January has been such a rough month, and I hope the rest of 2015 is better.

  2. Gorgeous! I've been admiring Chi Chi Clothing's beautiful dresses on Instagram. I should pick an occasion to try one of their party dresses. I think they're just charming. I agree that this dress has all of the components of an almost-gown without being so extravagant you can't wear it. I love that classic silhouette, and it's my definition of feminine romance and beauty.

    I'm sorry that January has been so rough. I understand that you've been going through a lot of transitions, not to mention whatever else is transpiring in your private life. Adjusting (ahem, lowering) your expectations can be really disheartening because you want to expect better. But when you encounter disappointment after disappointment, sometimes you have to lower your expectations just to cope. We've experienced this with some of the people closest to us. We have to lower our expectations just so we can enjoy our time together instead of obsessing about all of the hurt and things unsaid. I do hope things look up for you!

    <3 Liz

  3. This dress feels like it was made for you, it is utterly stunning and you look lovely in it! Hope times get better for you! <3


  4. Hello,Ciao Maria....great post!...every photo is as beautiful as a painting..and...the outfit of Yours is a Work of Art...the red dress celebrate Your stunning Silhouette and Beauty...cheers!
    greetings from Italy

  5. I'm so in love with this dress and you look amazing in it. God I need this dress in my life!

  6. Still a babe. Princess vibes still going strong!

  7. I LOVE this dress. First time to your blog, just introduced by Liz and I will be back to read more. Enjoy!


  8. Love it and the shoes. Oddly they go. I am sorry your year ended so roughly. Hang in there lady, hope will always survive. You are beautiful inside and out, and an inspiration to all.

  9. I have been searching the net for weeks now looking for this particular dress for my 30th wedding anniversary and it is so popular it's sold out with little hope of Chi Chi London re-stocking. Devastated but pleased I got to see it modeled it looks awesome on you !


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