12 January 2015

Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?

Those of you who know me — or who have spent time reading this blog — know my fascination with all things princess-like. I know, I know. Disney princesses have historically been bad role models, but they're improving! And besides, I think my love for all things regal stems from a desire to be pampered more than anything else (What can I say? I love a good cuddle and someone to bake cupcakes for me). Back when the Christmas market was in town, I gifted myself an Avigail Adams tiara that was so woodland fairy I honestly couldn't resist. And in the couple of weeks since, I've been waiting for the perfect dress to pair it with. Low and behold: The Jane Dress by Rum + Coke.
Everything about this is luxurious. The emerald velvet. The high-slits at either side. The sophisticated neck. For my January "Yes, Plus Size Women Can Wear..." column at Bustle, I knew I wanted to focus on slits and cut-outs — and the inspiration for that decision was definitely this dress.
Sometimes I want to feel pretty. Sometimes I want to feel casual. Sometimes I want to feel slouchy. At other times, I want to feel sexy. I feel like we often limit ourselves to one fashion sentiment — maybe because the world tells us we can only be one thing. But this dress kind of makes me feel everything. And that's a rare gem in this crazy world.
The natural decision for who to shoot me in this was obviously going to point me in the direction of Rachel Crittenden — my dear friend and a truly amazing photographer and writer whom I lucky to work with almost every day. She understands my not-so-subconscious desire to want to feel like/be a queen. And she captures that desire through her art. We shot in upstate New York at all these old estates and mansions, and it couldn't have been a better day. Mostly because she's also a princess.
There's a lot of crap that permeates the Internet — and society — revolving around all the things plus-size women can't wear. And though I haven't seen thigh-slits and cut-outs on those lists, I'm sure they're there somewhere. Because we're not supposed to show so much skin. But, alas. I am nothing if not a chunky lady rule breaker.
Get the Look:

And because T. Swift soundtracked this entire day:



  1. BEAUTIFUL. Looking stunning as always. Thigh high split? Why the heck not!?

  2. And I love how you are teaming the stunning dress with FLATS. *rule book catapulted out the window*

  3. Love Rum and Coke dresses, and you look amazing in this one. Love your blog, your style and yo mind. Thanks for inspire me.


  4. Jaw droppingly beautiful! This colour is majestic on you.

    I had literally just spied this dress online before heading to bloglovin' and opening this entry! It;'s gorgeous, I'd love to get my hands on some rum + coke pieces {hello velvet, hello mermaid sequins!} but as long as I'm not bringing inthe dough, I will not be able to shop.



  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I have really wanted this dress for a while now. I wouldn't have thought to wear it with that amazing tiara, but it works so beautifully. Go get 'em!!


  6. You are rockin that green dress. Well done.

  7. Ethereal! <3 You look so beautiful and this DRESS. o_O

  8. I just love this dress! I would totally wear this for myself. Beautiful.



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