03 November 2014

Two Cousins

I've been in England for a year and a half now, and my time here has brought many things -- both good and bad. But mostly good (the only real bad was contained within the walls of the university I shan't speak of again). One of the most wonderful parts about coming over has been getting to know these two girls -- Paddy's cousins (who are now my cousins). I come from a big family, and am used to having vast quantities of people around most of the time. One of my greatest fears when making the decision to move was whether or not I would be lonely. I knew, of course, that I would be with the person I love. And that no matter what else happened, I would be ok for that reason. But I wondered whether the solitude of the British countryside would get to me.

Paddy's family is small. And the few relatives he does have are spread out across the country. But even the knowledge that these two human beings are only a mere six-hour drive away (though granted, the drive can seem eternal at times) has been a gem. Whenever I have craved the comfort of girlfriends -- the amazing feeling of solidarity and fun that comes from being with young women you intrinsically click with -- I knew they were there. They've become an amazing part of my life. They've become my family.
Lucky for me, Lucy and Olive enjoy vintage shopping just as much as I do. When strolling through Brighton, I wonderfully discovered a Collectif location right before my eyes. Suffice it to say, I had to introduce them. And this resulted in these here pictures (shot, of course, by the lovely Paddy).

We all agreed that the wonder of Collectif lies in its perfect, seemingly effortless blending of vintage fashion with a modern aesthetic. The brand caters to so many ages, and so many styles. We had a blast, as you can see. I almost didn't leave their arms.

 And a big thanks to the best photographer and my [cheesy warning] truest love:
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  1. omg could these photos BE any more perfect?! <3<3<3<3 You all look STUNNING! It's giving me a very retro/kitsch feel and I'm totally here for it :D


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