07 November 2014

Fairy Dust

Usually autumn is my favorite season. Even though the fall brings the death of many things -- the leaves, the grass, the long, sunlit days -- something about it has always seemed so alive. It's probably the same reason I gravitate toward heroines in dystopian or post-apocalyptic tales.
Death breeds life. It's the main thing I took away from Charlotte's Web when I first read it at 8-years-old, and it's definitely something I try to remind myself of as an adult. This autumn has been coated in a dreariness that I'm unaccustomed to, however. I don't know why. Something about it has just seemed a little darker. A little less optimistic.
With the changing of the seasons comes the changing of fashion. Pastels and neons get replaced by black-on-black everything. I'm guilty of doing this myself. When the weather is gloomy, I tend to put on something that replicates said gloominess. So I though the perfect antidote to the whole predicament would be to finally share these photos I took in Majorca back in September. There's nothing gloomy about this picturesque Spanish setting. And there's definitely nothing gloomy about a princess dress.
When I first spotted this Pinup Couture dress on Pinup Girl Clothing, I did worry that it would be a bit too little-girl-y for me. Though I love Lolita fashion, my own fashion preferences tend to be some kind of hybridized version of vintage and Lolita. That being said, my fears were pretty much quenched when I put it on and was transported back to some of the innocence of childhood. Some of the fun of childhood. Some of the lack of responsibilities and seemingly perpetual (often self-absorbed) woes. It's a very summery dress. But the happiness it bred -- if only temporary -- will definitely make it a recurring item in my wardrobe through the seasons.
Get the look:
Pinup Couture - Aurora Dress in Pink Castle Print/Pinup Girl Clothing
Swedish Hasbeens Gustava Sandals in Old Pink Nubuck/Surfdome


  1. I have to say - I've neglected colour the past few months! Even my nails are dark metallic purples and moody blues ... I even packed away my favourite pink lipstick as it look daft with anything but a pastel summer dress. You've definitely inspired me to brave some colour this season though - perhaps a flippy pink skater dress and dark blue cardigan for my nephews birthday party on Sunday!


  2. You look fabulous sweetie, great article. Fabulous color and design. Love it I just dont wear pink. lol but you look Marvelous.

  3. This is so whimsical - right up my alley! I love that you ditched the traditionally bleak palette of fall and went for something fanciful in pastel. It's a refreshing sight in the sea of black and oxblood I've been scrolling through all day. I've been following Pin-Up Girl Clothing for quite some time now, and I just adore their fairytale frocks and skirts. This is making me want to try them out even more!

    Even if it is a summery dress, I agree that a dress that brings happiness is worth wearing throughout the seasons. Sometimes we need a little sunshine and sparkle in our days, and if a garment can grant that, wear it!

    <3 Liz


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