06 October 2014

We Sailed Away On A Winter's Day, With Fate As Malleable As Clay

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know how much I love Fashion to Figure. I've had the pleasure of meeting some of the lovely people who work for/with the brand, and everyone is as in love with the voluptuous figure as I am. FTF is all about pride: pride in your body. Pride in your self. Pride in your curves and wobbles. It's why most of their clothing is fitted and hugs the silhouette. I love that they're not afraid to break the rules. They're not afraid of a creating a garment that shows off a woman's visible belly outline, or nestles closely to her hips.
A few months ago, I received this beautiful lace dress. If I were to use any word to describe it, it'd be flirty. This is exactly the sort of thing I'd wear on a cute date night (provided it was in one of the warmer seasons), or on a day-date with my girlfriends. It's light and airy and ideal for warmer days when you just want something easy and cute. The dress has unfortunately been sold out for a while, but you can find something similar here (in longer sleeves and a gorgeous fall red) and here (another white, flirty, easy dress).
I know a lot of plus-size women might be worried about trying on a dress like this. It really is tight to the body, and that means that my chunkiest bits (belly, bum and thighs) are on display. But honestly, there's something really flattering in things that have been traditionally deemed unflattering: like the color white (or bright colors in general), bodycon dresses and/or anything that doesn't conceal your tummy. I like this dress, in particular, because it breaks all those notions of what is and isn't flattering, but it's not super in-your-face about it. It's still subtle and subdued and perfect for the introvert in me.

Photos by Lucy Cartwright.

Get the Look:
Swedish Hasbeens Gustava Sandals in Old Pink Nubuck/Surfdome


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  1. It's a gorgeous dress and you look beautiful as usual. Thank you for sharing!


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