20 October 2014

Silver Cupcake

One of the best parts of taking pictures with someone you get along with is feeling like exploration and experimentation are completely possible. I find myself wanting to explore and experiment with a lot of things, but often letting my anxieties or my "sense of responsibility" get in the way. Or, simply, my laziness paired with perpetual fatigue after a work day (which leads to wanting to do nothing more than watch Netflix and take bubble baths). It's definitely something I want to change. My mother just plucked a white hair from my head. So I guess there really is no time like the present.
I've been in New York the past few weeks (thus my lack of posting). Since moving out of the city, every time I visit is filled with snippets of maybes and what if's. Like, "Maybe things would be like this is I lived here." Or, "What if I had stayed and was now working here and doing that and living there." I don't mean that I am desperately wanting to move back, or that I am remotely unhappy in the U.K. England has become home. Paddy is home. And I love where we live. It's more like my imagination just gets the best of me, and I start picturing an alternate reality filled with Brooklyn brownstones, daily fro-yo at Pinkberry or Whiskey Sours at the KGB bar amidst indie poets and secret girl crushes. 
When I shot these pictures with Lucy Cartwright a few weeks before coming over, she kept saying the outfit called to mind Vivienne Westwood (after we discovered that Lucy's light shade doubled as a matching cape, that is). Westwood is the quintessential experimental figure in fashion. Her basket hats from the S/S Gold Label embody what I mean perfectly. But I chose to post the pictures now because I think they also make me think of change. I don't know why that is exactly. Maybe it's the futuristic quality of silver and metallics, paired with the comfort of something like cupcakes (because duh). New York doesn't quite feel like home anymore, but it does feel like possibilities. It always has. It just makes you think of all the things you want to do. All the places you want to travel to. All the hobbies you want to allow to let flourish, both independently and with your partner. It feels like the start of something. Or, more accurately, like the start of a lot of somethings.

Get the Look:
ASOS Curve Pleated Midi Skirt in Metallic/ASOS
Cupcake Bodysuit (sold out in this pattern)/Similar H&M
Swedish Hasbeens Gustava Sandals in Old Pink Nubuck/Surfdome
Metallic Light Shade/Your friendly neighborhood photographer


  1. I love your post as always Marie, change is good but I am so proud of the life you are making for yourself in the UK. You're too young for grey hairs yet. lol Your posts always cheer me up and make my day. To put it simply they touch me in a good way.

  2. Absolutely stunning!
    "One of the best parts of taking pictures with someone you get along with is feeling like exploration and experimentation are completely possible." - I can totally relate to this, and it applies to anything creative, really. You perfectly stated one of the reasons why I love to talk to my fiance... him and I explore all kinds of possibilities without that worry or concern of not being right.

  3. How beautiful I was looking for something to wear with my metallic skirt and I never thought of a body suit. Thanks!!!


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