08 October 2014

Sat Alone By The River, Gazed At Clouds Until Night

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Everything about it makes me feel like a kid again. On Halloween, you can literally be anything you want to be. You can embrace any aspect of your personality and even exaggerate it in the most theatrical of ways. I adore the costumes, the candy, the commotion. And I usually spend the entire month of October in anticipation, planning my costume, scouting for parties and imagining that wonderfully fun day when all responsibilities fade and you can just be you (or whatever fantastical version of yourself you so choose).
As for mermaids, I don't know when my obsession began, but for the past few years I have been mesmerized by their ethereal and graceful qualities (perhaps partly because I'm so not graceful myself). I've gravitated toward people like Freyia Lillian and her Flimsymoon collection, and rejoiced when I found out she, too, adores mermaids. So when Hips and Curves -- a brand I hold near and dear to my heart -- offered to dress me for Halloween, I could not pass up the opportunity. This mermaid ensemble was too perfect, somehow blending the innocence and traditional femininity of mermaids with the more overtly sexy side of being a woman.
I think a big part of what draws me to mermaids is how effortlessly beautiful they are. Whenever you see them in stories or films, they convey this sense of wonderment and mystery. And I guess that's what I loved about this costume. In real life, I struggle to do anything effortlessly, other than swim or be in the water (another contributing factor to my love of these beautiful creatures, no doubt). Even taking these photos was far from effortless (in my head, that is) because of all the climbing it took to get to this part of the river in Cragg Vale. And once there, I was acutely aware of how cold the water would be!). But in general, wearing the costume made me feel like I could just flow away into the sea. And once Patrick and I got into the flow of the photography (and once the water stopped feeling as cold as it really was), I began to feel mystical and powerful and beautiful. And feeling those things is definitely a big part of why I so adore this holiday. Plus, being a fat mermaid is kind of the dream.

In summation, I strongly urge you all to check out Hips & Curves' Plus Size Costumes and Fantasy section :D

All photos by Paddy McClave.

Get the Look:
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  1. Eeeeps!! You are such a magical mermaid, these photos are so enchanting!! And how perf do you looking cotton candy pink hair?!!!


  2. I adore this, Marie! I have loved mermaids since I was a little girl, and that affection has never wavered. I love swimming in the sea, basking on the beach, and splashing around in the tub. I like to think I was a mermaid in a former life. Or better yet, that my mermaid life is yet to come. You speak to a lot of the reasons I love them: they're ethereal, mysterious, and so alluring. Those are aspects of femininity I admire but that elude me. This costume is absolutely fabulous, right down to the pink wavy wig. I would totally rock this costume, too! Any excuse to channel my inner mermaid. :-)

    <3 Liz

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