09 September 2014

With Your Feet On The Air And Your Head On The Ground

I am an 80's video game.
Ok, maybe not. But I definitely feel like it.

Tetris was probably the first video game I ever played, back on my brother's original Nintendo Game Boy. It looked something like this:
I'm a sucker for nostalgia, so when this dress appeared on Re/Dress earlier this year, I made sure to snatch it before it could sell-out. Re/Dress never ceases to amaze me. They provide a platform for independent designers who are truly something unique. Specializing in plus-size fashion for women and men, every single item on the site makes you feel like you're in a parallel universe -- one filled with mermaids and pixies and vampires, and one in which it would be perfectly ok to look utterly and perfectly glam at all hours of the day and night. When so much of the world of plus-size fashion is still bland and safe, Re/Dress stands out.
I had the pleasure of collaborating with owner Rachel Kacenjar and illustrator and nail decal queen Sara M. Lyons in August for a Bustle article on their Fattitude Nail Decals. Think celebration of thunder thighs and cankles paired with adorable and swoon-worthy designs of a Miss Piggy and Mr. Hippo. And I was so, so happy to find out how passionately these gals (and everyone involved in Re/Dress) care about size acceptance. They're into fat pride, through and through, and showing off the beauty in the chunky bits. They're into embracing all the words and phrases branded as insults and turning them into something epic and beautiful. They're into owning your body -- no matter what type of body it is.
Suffice it to say, I'm a fan. This dress is tight-fitted and it doesn't hide a single jiggly bit. And I love it.

Get the Look:
Dress/no longer available (sorry, folks)

This is the second photo set in my series with the wonderful Lucy Cartwright.



  1. Fantastic dress and once again a great photo set!! I love re/dress, though I haven't purchased anything from them yet, I would love to soon as I have a budget for clothes shopping again!


    1. Thank you Margot! I love Re/Dress, too. I wish everything was super affordable so I could buy it all haha.

  2. I absolutely love this dress Marie...I wish is was still available.... !

    Tetris will always remind me of loooong car journeys with the gameboy which battery life was better than any modern day phone.

    I could play it for hours and I loved it in the fastest mode...couldn't be bothered with the slow one...I needed a challenge!

    Thank you for bringing back the lovely memory.

    You look lovely :)

    1. Thanks Leah! I wish it was still available, too. So many ladies seem to love it.

      That's such a nice memory :) I miss my Gameboy loads as well! My partner gave me his old one, but it's not an original :p

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