08 September 2014

Things That Feel Super Personal Actually Feel Really Universal

There are two things I love. Well, more than two if we're speaking in terms of everything (at least I hope so). But there are two things I really enjoy spending my time doing:

  1. Watching Lena Dunham.
  2. Reading books.
When I first started watching Girls, I didn't really know what to think. Was Lena Dunham the voice the millennial generation needed? Or did she just think she was? As season three wrapped up, I was confident in my belief that the former is true.
Dunham is witty. She's clever. She taps into the things most of us Gen-Y-ers are tackling on a daily basis -- everything from hookup culture to post-grad unemployment to helicopter parenting. And she's a slightly fuller-figured woman willing to show her body on television rather than hide it in shame. Girls has been criticized repeatedly for its raunchiness and crude sex scenes, but the thing is... it's actually realistic. Because in the real world we all can't be Kate Winslet and Leo in that turn of the century automobile 100 percent of the time. And that Dunham, as a woman over a size-2 is willing to be naked on a hugely successful television show viewed by millions -- even if some of those nude scenes are "raunchy" or "crude" -- only adds to her magic.
Suffice it to say, when I saw this Clashist tee, I needed it in my life. There is Hannah Horvath eating cake (*soulmates*). Over there are Hannah and Adam in bed. In the corner is her backside. Oh, and over there are some boobies. Her hot body plastered on this tee-shirt seriously makes me so happy. Dunham is closer to the realistic, average body type of women on a universal scale than your run of the mill celeb, and she has been able to demonstrate her confidence, sexiness, intelligence and incredible talent to the world. Celebration is well-deserved if you ask me.
And, of course, you guys know I love to read. I actually found this classic book covers skirt in an Etsy shop called Nerd Alert Creations (brilliant name, isn't it?) about two years ago, but have struggled endlessly to style it. Once my Lena-tee came in, though, I kind of felt they were a match made in heaven. Pattern mixing. Hobby mixing. A blast of color here. Boohoo boots there. Bliss.

Get the Look:
Lena Dunham Birthday Suit Tee/Clashist
Classic Book Covers Skirt/NerdAlertCreations
Jenny Clip Buckle Block Heel Ankle Boot/Boohoo
Scarlet Red Tights/We Love Colors

As you can probably see, these photos were taken in a studio. I had the pleasure of working with Hebden Bridge-based photography Lucy Cartwright once more for a 10-ensemble shoot (meaning you'll be seeing a lot more of her pictures on here in the next few weeks). If you're a regular reader, you might remember her work from the Hips&Curves collab we shot in June. It's funny, because despite having a blog that's so photo-heavy, I actually consider myself super camera shy. I'm awkward and I've accepted it. But whenever I see Lucy she always says things like, "What are you talking about?! You know how to pose!" I don't really... but that just goes to show that she makes you super comfortable from start to finish. I definitely recommend her to anyone based in the UK who is looking for a fashion/blog photographer (or even a wedding/pet photographer, too!). 

And today I leave you with this:
Girls Art Print/ArtyTimeyWimey


  1. This photo set is so ADORABLE, it's killing me! And I have to totally agree with you on Lena, I adore her. I wasn't sure at first, but I know she is definitely speaking my language!


    1. Thank you so much babe! I think I was just jolly about having her naked bod on my tee-shirt!

      It took me most of the first season to work out my feelings, but definitely sure I adore her now.

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