30 September 2014

Is There Something I Can Send You From Across The Sea

Spain holds a special place in my heart for so many reasons. It was sort of the country I found myself in -- as much as anyone can "find" themselves, I suppose. I've written about my experiences in Madrid many times, from finding love to finding friends to coming out of my shell -- as much as any introvert can come out of his/her shell. I've been back a few times since I studied there, and every time I go I just feel right. It's the only country I have ever encountered that properly feels like home. As much as I love England, and feel at ease in the beautiful 500-year old West Yorkshire home I am lucky to live in, something about Spain -- something undefinable and incomprehensible -- grips me and fills me with this sense of serenity that is usually absent and far away.
When the opportunity arose to hear over to Mayorca for a week, I wasn't about to pass it up. So Paddy, his parents and I went over to a beautiful villa in old Pollenca. It rained constantly. We only had a single day of sun. And for the most part, we complained about the weather and the fact that it was keeping us house-ridden. But now that I'm back home, I just want to go back (the irony does not escape me). Even if all it does is rain perpetually. Even if we can't leave the villa. As something of an anxious person, I've never found a medication or cocktail or workout routine that helps calm me down when panic starts boiling for whatever reason. Except for Spain. Even though I was annoyed at the weather whilst there, I was at peace, with Mayorca as my anecdote for all woes.
Maybe it's something about being on holiday. Maybe this is how everyone feels when they don't have to keep their eye on the clock. When they don't have to work, or do anything at all for that matter, other than read for pleasure or sunbathe or lie in bed with the person they love. But I don't know. I've been on countless holidays all around the world, and never found a place quite so magical.
Even on the days, like this one, when we were constrained to the villa, I was pretty happy. I still swam in the pool, and got dolled up just because. I wore this dress constantly, because it was the perfect thing to have on during warm rain showers. It's light and fluttery and has that arid-ness to it that so permeates Mayorca. The beige-ness and delicate flowers meshed in with the island so wonderfully that it quickly became the holiday's staple ensemble.
I love clothes that don't require a lot of styling or work, because most of the time I am too tired (or too lazy) to spend more than a few minutes getting ready. And that's definitely something I love about this dress. It doesn't need anything, because it just works so well on its own. Sometimes I do love getting really theatrical and whimsy and playful with my wardrobe, of course, but sometimes (like when I am enjoying the nothingness of a holiday in Spain) I just need something easy and lovely. And this was definitely it.
Get the Look:
Claire Richards Print Tea Dress with Free Metallic Skinny Belt/courtesy of Fashion World

Bob Dylan's original version is, of course, better. But alas, it is not on YouTube so The Lumineers shall have to suffice. They aren't so bad, either.



  1. Oh, I adore Spain as well, though I've only been to Barcelona, I loved being there, I love the vibe the sunlight, the architecture and the people!! I would love to go back and spend a month, two weeks in Barcelona and two in Madrid!!


    1. Oooh I loved Barcelona when I visited, though Madrid definitely has my heart. You should definitely spend a month there. I lived in Madrid for five and it wasn't nearly enough! xoxo

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