29 September 2014

Caught In The Crowds, It Never Ends

You know how sometimes you see something and it just captivates you? You can't stop thinking about it. You dream about it. You just know you need it in your life.
Ok, I realize I'm starting to sound all love-at-first-sight-y, but the thing I speak of is not another human being (no offense to my lovely Paddy). Rather, it is this beautiful blue PVC skirt. If you are worried that I might be becoming a massive shopaholic, fear not. It is a rare occasion that I truly fall in love -- this profound, wonderfully fluttery love -- with an item of clothing. But when I first laid eyes on this skirt back at the SimplyBe stand at Plus North, I just knew I needed it in my life.
I don't know what it is. Perhaps it is that the skirt reminds me of a mermaid, and like my dear friends Sarah Martindale and Freyia Lillian, I am very obsessed with mermaids. But maybe it's that despite being mermaid-y, feminine and elegant, it is also quirky and different to anything in my wardrobe. Who knows?
Polyvinyl chloride is often used in goth, punk or "alternative" fashion because of its leather-like look and sex appeal when designed into something skin-tight. Part of me has kind of always wanted to own a PVC bodysuit, in fact. But I love that a material so traditionally used for quite sexy and dominatrix-y looks has been turned into something so femme. I used to think PVC was one of those big no-nos if you're fat. And I certainly never would have touched it back in the days of self-loathing and me-on-me body snark. But now, I kind of love it. I love being able to wear something SO associated with a certain slender, flat-tummied-body-type, and re-vamp it for my definitely-not-flat-tummied-but-still-lovely-body-type ;)
Photos by Lucy Cartwright.

Get the Look:
Alice and You Blue PVC Umbrella Skirt/SimplyBe
Michael Kors Boerum Platform Sneaker/eBay or similar here

I leave you with some girl power, courtesy of the lovely Gwen who (once in a while) I am really in the mood to listen to.



  1. STOP IT, this is crazy adorable! I can see why you're so love-at-first-sight seriously smitten with it. I am too! I love the girly color in such a sturdy material. I really hope you do more posts with this item, because i'm very curious to see it styled :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Haha thank you Marlen! I love how girly it is as well despite being PVC. Will definitely try to feature it on here again as I've been experimenting with styling it in fun and quirky ways!

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