22 August 2014

But The Film Is A Saddening Bore, 'Cause She's Lived It Ten Times Or More

I've been thinking a lot on the subject of how we judge other people based on their choices in fashion after my recent Bustle experiment, which I will talk about more on here sometime in the near future. Specifically, though, I've been thinking about what my choices in fashion say about me... or what I'd like them to say. And the thing is, I don't know.
In recent years, I've gravitated a lot toward vintage styles -- cuts and silhouettes that rose to popularity in the 40's through the 60's, especially. I love dresses most of all, and always have (I actually used to refuse to wear pants as a kid). I guess things I'd like my clothes to represent are my passions. Passions for things of the past, maybe. Folk music. Old films. Literature of the Beat Generation through to Don DeLillo. It was through these things that I inadvertently discovered a lot of older styles, so I think my main goal in how I dress is simply to portray my interests.
That being said, I fluctuate loads between my preference for flowing dresses and form-fitting bodycons. For a while, I preferred the latter because such dresses really highlight your curves, instead of hiding them away. But as of late, I seem to be choosing looser-fitting clothes because of their comfort. I don't know if this is just a part of getting older, but I just love knowing that a flowy dress will assure your comfort through the day.
My younger brother made a joke when he saw me in this particular dress that I looked "vast like open space." He's only fourteen and likes to poke fun (it's innocent enough) at my weight. And I know I do look larger than I would in something a little more silhouette-enhancing. But that's ok. Because I absolutely love the dress, and I love my chunky bits, too.

When I saw this space-print piece on ModCloth, I knew I wanted it. The universe is big and scary and mystical and holds so much knowledge we've yet to even begin to comprehend. But I've always been fascinated with ideas of space travel, of life on other planets, and on inter-species relations (providing things ever reach that point). I love Star Trek and think Gene Roddenberry was a genius. And I'm pretty pumped (a result of hearing Patrick talk incessantly about it) for J.J. Abram's Episode XII of Star Wars. So... yeah. I wanted the dress. And it's been quite wonderful having it!

P.S. ModCloth is having an amazing sale, up to 70% off. For any U.K. or international readers who avoid MC because of border charges, now might be the time to do some shopping.

Get the Look:
You're Out of this World Dress/ModCloth
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  1. The Bustle experiment was pretty interesting.

    1. Thanks girl. I did get some *nice* messages, which I probably should have mentioned. But the majority were just so bad that I felt the focus should be on them.

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