02 July 2014

Sat Alone By The River; Gazed At Clouds Until Night

The longer I live in England, the more I realize that this country really does have far more variety in terms of plus-size retail, and possibly body positivity as a whole, than I've been used to in the past. It's not perfect, but nowhere is. What I do know is that I'm never made to feel awkward or hideous when I go out, and that is something I can't say for home (both homes -- Colombia and the states).
One brand I hadn't had much experience with prior to crossing the sea was Evans, and all the designers they carry. Though I'd heard of the brand, of course, I'd always assumed it was the equivalent of a Lane Bryant, and kind of geared at a more momsy crowd. But in the last year, Evans has really brought their A-game to the table (and Lane Bryant as well, for that matter). Since unveiling their "Cut" collection at British Plus-Size Fashion Weekend -- a selection of items dominated by bright colors, crazy patterns and body-hugging silhouettes -- I've been more and more drawn to them. But it was the recent "Summer Romance" collection by Scarlett & Jo that caught my fancy, and when I saw some of my favorite bloggers modeling their looks, I knew I had to give S&J a try.
I went for this Bardot dress not only because I am a fan of Brigitte's (and the neckline she popularized) but also because the whole style was such vintage-inspired perfection. The full skirt; the almost '70s-ish flowers. It all made me smile, and at the end of the day, I think that's what fashion should do.
Because the dress is so beautiful, I wanted to have a bit of a "Secret Garden" photo shoot for it. Patrick and I took a long stroll through the woods here in Yorkshire, and found a gorgeous tree that I couldn't resist shooting at. That I managed to get onto it whilst wearing heels still feels like quite the accomplishment.

Get the Look
Scarlett&Jo Black Multi 2 in 1 Floral Prom Dress, £60, Evans
Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun Necklace, £17, ModCloth



  1. you look SO gorgeous in this- that full skirt and pearls combo is so charming :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Thank you Marlen! I had a lot of fun with this one hehe :) xo

  2. I love seeing how you've styled this dress! This is the sort of ladylike outfit I immediately pictured for this dress: the bowed kitten heels and the pearls are lovely and demure. But the gorgeous print on the skirt keeps things splashy and fun. It's my first item from Scarlett & Jo and just my second from Evans. Currently Scarlett & Jo is my favorite of their brands, what with all of the poofy dresses and prom skirts. I've been eyeing that new yellow pastel one as I'm trying to experiment with yellow for the first time. Plus, I love pastels, so the other colors in the print will make the yellow less intimidating. I'm excited to be traveling to the UK for the first time this fall, and I'll actually get to try Evans in person! I love that the plus market is booming, but I wish that I had more brick and mortar options! Thanks for clueing me in to the fact that you'd featured this dress as well!

    <3 Liz

    1. It's definitely a bit more ladylike than I usually go for, but the dress just seemed to need it! It's my first Scarlett and Jo as well, and I definitely think they in particular are helping re-vamp Evans and make it feel younger and more fun. Pastels definitely suit you, as I've seen in some recent Instagram photos!

      Oooh how great that you're traveling to the UK. Will you be mainly down south/London? Would be lovely to actually meet you if you wanted another blogger to hang out with hehe.

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