01 July 2014

As Appealing As That Sounds, I'm A Doctor, Not A Dragonslayer

By this point, most of you have probably read my posts, Tweets or Facebook statuses relating to Bustle and both the writing I do for them as well as some of the other brilliant work on the site by my colleagues. Bustle has been so good to me. It's honestly an ideal women's platform, where feminism and individual thought can thrive in a peaceful, smart manner. Today/tonight depending on your time zone, I have some exciting news!
For a little over a year now, I've been covering fashion and lifestyle for the magazine (and books as of recently!) but today is the launch of my first column: "Yes, Plus-Size Women CAN Wear..." Or as I like to think of it in my head, Miggle a la Mode. To quote myself, I want this to be:
A space to highlight some of the most beautiful (and coolest!) trends out there in plus-sizes every four weeks, but also a little extra corner of the Internet for fuller-figured women looking for inspiration -- be it in fashion or just day-to-day life.
I do hope some of my straight-size friends and readers visit as well, though, because oftentimes the styles I will highlight tend to be sold in standard-sizes as well.

So for this -- my first column -- I chose to showcase the co-ord trend (or in grown-up speak, coordinates). I mentioned a few months ago that I was reluctant to accept this style because it reminded me of traditional suits, but in just a few months, the trend has transformed into something far more.
This particular set is from Steady Clothing. I purchased it quite a while ago, but the skirt is still available here in both red and blue. Now, Steady Clothing is basically vintage heaven, with authentic '50s and '60s inspiration at their core. The jaw-droppingly, painfully gorgeous Tess Munster actually modeled for them just recently! But this print is very modern, futuristic even -- with its robots and spaceships and what not. For me (a complete nerd/Trekkie through and through) it's one of my prized fashion possessions. So I couldn't resist using a photo of myself in the ensemble as the headline image for the column, which you can read here, and approximately every first of each month to come for an indefinite period of time ;)



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