25 June 2014

Was Fresh And Bright And Early; I went Towards The River; But Nothing Still Has Altered; Just The Seasons Ring A Change

For some time now, I have followed eShakti, an e-retail site where you can shop vintage-inspired dresses, beautiful skirts and other delightfully modest yet quirky clothes for women. This brand has garnered a lot of love for their basic cottons and humbly embellished pieces, but also for their incredible size range: 0-36W and custom! Personal customization allows you to have garments designed for your height, size and style, which is ideal for women in between sizes, or those just wanting to ensure a perfect fit.
The brand was kind enough to send me their Embroidered Peasant Voile Dress, part of their Boho collection, which is filled with dozens of festival-type gems for the summer. I was drawn to this dress for its sort of Greece-meets-the-Netherlands feel. It reminded me of the summer I visited Mykonos -- the Greek isle. Everything there was white, and not in that bland, hospital-y way, but in an almost storybook way. The old stone buildings, the windmills, the sand. I can imagine going back there and wearing this dress. It would be its ideal setting.
I chose to order a ready-made size in this case, sizing up to a U.S. 18 (U.K. 22) as opposed to my usual 16 (U.K. 20) based on eShakti's sizing chart, and I think that was probably a wise decision. I love that the dress flows, and doesn't constrict. The light cotton is so perfect for warm days, that anything tighter would have ruined the breeziness. I was, however, surprised at just how see-through the dress actually is. While the description does say its a "sheer little dress" I didn't realize just how sheer it would be. Wearing it out without much underneath proved a bit hazardous, especially when under bright lights. But that's nothing a gentle, white slip wouldn't fix. And luckily, I have one -- so I will be prepared for next time.
All in all, the fit of this dress couldn't be more lovely. Though I adore a body-con and always encourage women to play around with showing off their curves rather than hiding them, sometimes it's so wonderful (especially in summer) to have something light and flowy that you can spin around in and wear on walks up green hills without feeling like you will succumb to heat stroke.
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  1. eShakti is awesome and you look lovely in this dress! flowy white dresses are so summery, and I get the Greek boho feel for sure ~

    1. Woop! Thanks Sonya! I loved the post you did with them a while back. All their dresses are so perfect for this time of year.

  2. I love the dress and it looks like the perfect length. Just for reference how tall are you? Just wondering how it would look on my 6 foot frame, or if I should pay to make it longer.

    1. Hi Dara, thanks so much! I am 5'10" so a bit shorter than you. I guess it depends what length you want. It should be ok in standard sizing if you want it at the knee!


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