22 June 2014

The World's Not Easy, The Blind Man Said; Turns On Nothing But Money And Dread

I received an email this week from a young woman who'd stumbled upon my writing on Bustle. Her worst body hangup has always been her legs, and she was surprised to see me -- someone plus-size -- wearing short-shorts in the "7 'Fat Girls Can't Wear That' Rules Debunked" piece. She spends the summer months dreaming of wearing anything but jeans, but year after year doesn't find the confidence needed to remove the tights and strip down a bit.
I think women's fear of their thighs is pretty universal. It's one of those body parts prone to "imperfections" like cellulite and stretch marks, regardless of what size you are. I've had friends as small as a size-4 confess their discomfort at wearing anything above-knee, which goes to show that body issues extend through all sizes and shapes. My hope is that this summer, more ladies find it in themselves to choose comfort, and maybe even subsequent happiness, over discomfort and fear.
This week, I published a slideshow of thirteen stunning and empowering women, of all shapes and sizes, proving that #EveryBodyIsABeachBody. I asked all the women to think about why they feel sexy in a swimsuit, or why they believe all women deserve to feel sexy in a swimsuit. One of my favorite quotes was from Rachele of Rad Fat Vegan:
Wearing a bikini as a fat woman is an act of rebellion. I felt glorious and glamorous all at the same time. I wore my stretch marks as ribbons of honor and let the sun kiss my lumpy thighs and arms without a care in the world.
Wearing a bikini, short-shorts, a mini-skirt -- they're all signs of rebellion. They all show self-love amidst a world that will try its best to tear you down for what you look like. And rebellion against bullying -- against hatred -- is always worthwhile.
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  1. You look FABULOUS! Those shorts fit like a dream, and I love the pink belt. Also, body positivity always gets me jazzed =D I have big ol' jiggly thighs--I carry my weight below the belt, definitely--and sometimes it's a struggle to love them, but posts like this help so much.

    1. Thank you wonderful one! And hooray for body positivity :) It's always been my main goal through this blog, so I'm super glad you felt jazzed by this post (and thank you for using the word jazzed). I've stalked your blog for ages now, and never noticed jiggly thighs, but I know we all have our hang-ups. I hope you keep wearing skirts and shorts and showing off your beautiful self <3


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