30 June 2014

Taffy Activewear: Take Two

Some of you may recall that last December I collaborated with Taffy Activewear, the work-out brand that meshes comfort with style for plus-size women. Taffy has been a brand I have proudly supported since day one, because like me, they believe in health at every size. They know physical size and weight aren't always indicators of health and fitness. And they definitely know that there are loads of fuller-figured women out there who adore exercising (contrary to the unfortunate popular belief).
I've never claimed to be a gym rat, but this year I've been making more of a conscious effort to work-out. Not because I want to lose weight or change how I look (because I actually happen to be happy with how I look!) but because I suffer from anxiety and long walks or an elliptical session really help.
So when Taffy asked me to be an ambassador for them this year, I didn't think twice. I've written a lot about the movement toward size inclusivity that brands like ModCloth and SimplyBe are really aiming for, and Taffy/Katie K. (they're sister companies, if you will) are further examples that inclusivity is possible.
One of the perks of living in the countryside is that there are dozens of hills to climb and you can basically go on a different walk every day. Today, I ventured out with my mama-in-law, and we actually ran into a neighbor's donkey (which was an added bonus to the excursion). His name is Jake and he kind of makes these pictures loads cuter, if you ask me.

Get the Look:
Taffy Essential Jacket, $64, Taffy
Taffy Essential Pant, $48, Taffy

If you're interested in buying from Taffy, you can use code Marie15 at checkout for 15% off!


  1. DONKEY! Jake is adorable :) And so are you! Hooray for health at every size :)

    1. He's the best part of the photos hehe. Thanks babe!

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