28 June 2014

Spider Pig! Spider Pig! Does Whatever A Spider Pig Does! Can He Swing From A Web? No He Can't, He's A Pig

I won't pretend to be the biggest Simpsons fan in the world. But that being said, the show has been present in some capacity or another for most of my life (not surprising being that it's 25-years-old and I am only 23). When I was a kid, and dying to seem cool to my older brother, The Simpsons was a massive bonding ritual. We'd watch for hours on end -- me feeling kindred with Lisa; him with Bart -- and have something to talk about amidst all the boring grown-ups.
Later on, I got really into the Simpson's Road Rage for GameCube video game, and found myself playing it with my best friend Mara through countless sleepovers. We loved racing through Springfield and getting into all sorts of misadventures.
As I got older still, the show became another thing to tick off on the "things we have in common" list with my boyfriend when we first met, and he, his dad and I spent a lot of meals in early days watching re-runs and feeling some epic 90's nostalgia (because let's face it, those were the good Simpsons days).
Though it's never been my favorite show per say, it's nice to have a constant to turn to. I've found that no matter where I am, or where I travel, the show provides common ground amongst crowds and always facilitates good conversation. Five-hundred episodes later, it's still standing strong. So whether you enjoy the program or not, that fact alone deserves some serious kudos.

Thus my motivation for purchasing this top from the indie boutique Joyrich. Their specialty is quirky street-wear, which is one of the greatest things I've seen in some time. Another of my favorite designs by them is their Cuddly Currency skirt. I've paired it with an ASOS mini-skirt in strawberry milkshake-pink. Normally I'm not largely into minis, just because I love the silhouette created by the longer pencil skirt, as well as the vintage feel of a full skirt. But the color and acid wash look of this one caught my eye immediately. Both skirt and top and incredibly comfortable and soft, too. And a soft texture is something that makes me very happy.
Get the Look:
ASOS A-Line Denim Miniskirt in Milkshake Pink, $42, ASOS
The tee-shirt is by Joyrich, who designed an amazing Simpsons collection. The exact top is no longer available (though a similar one is still for sale in black), but there are loads of other beauties to choose from here.
Shoes, Vintage ModCloth
Hat, Paddy's Closet

This ensemble can also be seen in my "7 'Fat Girls Can't Wear That' Rules Debunked" piece on Bustle.



  1. Ahahaha babein'! I love that milky strawberry skirt, and when you described it that way I liked it even more :)

  2. "Babein" might just be a new favorite word! Thank you wonderful one :)

  3. I like how you combined the pink skirt with the Bart shirt! It's really cool that The Simpsons have been going for a quarter of a century. The format of the show allows it to remain in constant influence by all aspects of popular culture.

    1. Thank you Danielle! I agree it's really cool, and despite that it's a cartoon and people deem it stupid (and ok, sometimes it's stupid humor) it does touch upon a lot of aspects of culture that need discussing. So I'll always appreciate it for telling things how it is!


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