26 June 2014

SimplyBe Has Brought Together 5 Bloggers For A New Writing Page, And I'm So Honored To Be One Of Them

The SimplyBe writers (not pictured: Georgina)
About a week ago, I announced that I would be writing for SimplyBe's new Blogger Page and shared my first article for them via social media: "Because Rules Often Hold Back Progress". In the week since, I've been reflecting on how honored and proud I feel to be able to work with the brand and the four inspirational bloggers who will be contributing their work as well: Georgina, Naomi, Laura and Cheryl

SimplyBe has, from the start of my blogging days almost two years ago, been a source of major glee and hope. It is no secret that the world of plus-retail needs to see a lot of improvements, and far more variety. And in an ideal world, of course, plus and straight-size shopping could mesh together and the labels would slowly fade away. I tend to rank ModCloth, eShakti and SimplyBe together as the brands that have come closest to achieving inclusivity. They both have a far more extended size range than most shops, and do their best to cater to all women. Though SimplyBe, of course, is geared at the plus-size woman, they stock sizes starting at around a U.S. 8/10 (U.K. 12) in the effort of giving more women the chance to shop with them. And this is something I really appreciate and respect.
Naomi And Me
The new writer's corner on SimplyBe is going to be an amazing destination for women's lifestyle writing. Though a fashion company, us writers will be covering health, beauty, news and even entertainment. Once more, this is such a beautiful demonstration of the brand's varied interests and goals at creating a place for all.
Me on the day of the writer's meet-up.
On the day of the writer's meet-up in London, I had the chance to meet three of the other women in person, and it was just so lovely to feel the excitement amidst the group. When I first moved to England, I worried that I wouldn't really find a place in the blogging scene, but SimplyBe made sure I did. Their generosity, their views on beauty and acceptance and body positivity, make them a magical brand to work with, and all the people involved emblems of hope for change.

Stay tuned for my second article next week, and in the meantime you can read all current articles here!


  1. This is just so happy-making :)

  2. congratulations! That is very exciting news!!


  3. I just blogged about ModCloth celebrating the one year anniversary of their plus range. While there's definitely room to grow and evolve, I love that more and more plus retailers are cropping up. But I especially appreciate brands who are trying to offer a full range of sizes. I would love for that to be the standard, and I do think more retailers are starting to take notice of the increasingly vocal plus community.

    What an exciting opportunity for you! I follow a couple of the other bloggers, so I'm excited to read yours and their features as well as get to know the other ladies I'm not so familiar with.

    <3 Liz

    1. Ooh I was so excited for their anniversary: I actually wrote about it on Bustle if you feel like having a read: http://www.bustle.com/articles/29159-why-is-trendy-plus-size-fashion-so-rare-especially-when-its-proven-extremely-effective

      I do hope the transition to size inclusivity keeps strengthening and improving over time. The optimistic side of me is like YES -- it's bound to happen eventually! But the realistic part of me thinks...no, people are too crappy for this to ever happen.

      Thank you so much, though. And definitely check out the other bloggers. They're all wonderful!



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