20 June 2014

It Feels So Scary, Getting Old

I was chatting with my oldest friend today. Her name is Katie, and we've known each other for just about twelve years. Funnily enough, we rarely see each other, as is the case with most of my friends. The Atlantic Ocean interferes far more than I'd like it to. But every time we talk, we pick up right where we left off -- and I think, ultimately, that's a crucial sign of a good friendship. 
Katie and I were musing over how we both have the tendency to idolize people, and how when we meet someone we actually like -- whether romantically or otherwise -- we become excitable little girls again. I think this is one of the many "child-self" traits I haven't gotten over as I've gotten older. And even though it often leads to disappointment, I don't think I would exchange it for anything more mature. I think to hold on to your child-self -- to some of the innocence and wonder -- makes for far more interesting adulthood (see my article on The Little Prince for more on the subject). I hope as I grow up I never stop enjoying swing-sets and Winnie the Pooh and Disney movies.
Onto the fashion, though, this outfit was also part of my "7 'Fat Girls Can't Wear That' Rules Debunked" article for Bustle. Both jeans and top are from City Chic (the same place I got the purple/blue polka dot dress recently). Whilst I'm really not a jeans person, I was intrigued when I read that they were designed for an hourglass figure. The trouble I often have with jeans is the stiffness of them, and the discomfort that causes in the hip region. This pair was the perfect fix to that. The material is close-fitting, stretchy and designed to hug your curves perfectly. As for the top, I was a little skeptical as to whether I would hit it off with the predominantly pink color scheme, but I just love the flamingo print and baby-doll top (my younger self would have certainly approved). Nothing says summer like a couple of long-legged pink wading birds, after all.
Get the Look:
Hourglass Skinny Jeans, $78, Courtesy of City Chic
Floral Flamingo Peplum Top, $58, Courtesy of City Chic



  1. You look so sweet, I love it! I'm like that with my best friend too.

    1. Thanks lovely! I think it's a good sign when you have friends like that :)


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