08 May 2014

Freezing Air Is Getting Thin

Despite the allergies that is produces, I love the changing of the seasons. The air loses that chill crispness, the trees begin blossoming and all the hopefulness that summer breeds starts feeling approachable and imminent.
A few weeks ago, the folks at Simply Be announced their new collection in collaboration with Look Magazine. I'm not hugely into mainstream fashion mags, if I'm being totally honest. Despite interning at and blogging for Marie Claire for a few months my senior year at N.Y.U., I've always been frustrated at the minimal inclusion of articles geared at a larger size range of women. I like Marie Claire far more than, let's just say, Vogue, and Nicolette Mason's Big Girl in a Skinny World column is definitely a must-read every month, but for the most part, mainstream magazines are for the skinny girl in a skinny world. So that being said, I was pretty intrigued by the concept of a well-known British fashion mag collaborating with a major plus brand that I know and love.
Look Magazine for Simply Be is filled with patterns. You guys know I'm a bold pattern kind of girl, and the plus-size fashion rule that says bigger women can only wear solids is amongst my favorite ones to break. From floral jumpsuits to snake print maxis, this is an experimental, quirky, incredibly interesting collection. When a group of bloggers, including myself, were asked to choose their favorite piece for review, I knew mine had to be this galaxy print duster jacket. The print alone was cause for celebration -- being that I am a Trekkie/sci-fi lover/basically-Amy-from-Big-Bang-Theory. But what most surprised me is that despite having that mild blazer look, this jacket is not office-y at all. I'm not normally a blazer person, but the airy casualness is perfect for day-to-day use. 
What I most love about the jacket (besides the print) is the length. A fan of longer coats in general as opposed to cropped-ones, the length is what I think enables the jacket to transition from day to night use effortlessly. My only complaint would be that it is a bit of a large, loose fit, but sizing down should easily remedy the issue. I'm always cautious of wearing a baggy coat/sweater over a flowy dress or skirt, just because I like my shape to be highlighted rather than obscured, so pairing the duster with my more body-hugging Collectif top and trousers seemed like a good move.
Check out how Callie Thorpe of From the Corners of the Curve styled the same piece here!

Get the Look:
Galaxy Print Duster Jacket, $80, c/o Simply Be
Renie Gypsy Gingham Cropped Top, $41, Collectif
Bonnie Cigarette Trousers, $36, Collectif



  1. Beauuutiful! I love how you incorporated the flowers into these photos. And I agree that it's cool for a mainstream magazine to be moving in the direction of not being heinous.

    1. I love spring blossoms! So glad you liked them being incorporated hehe. I truly hope someday they're not heinous at all... but that's probably absurdly wishful thinking.

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