19 April 2014

They Paved Paradise, And Put Up A Parking Lot

I've been meaning to try out Collectif for some time. Though not a plus-size company, they actually have a slightly extended size range in comparison to what you find at most shops. Their U.K sizes go up to a 22, or 18 U.S, as opposed to one or two sizes less.  I just want to note that in the past, I've sometimes been criticized for calling myself "plus-size" or even "fat" in my writing, mainly because I can often fit into the larger sizes of mainstream brands. While I acknowledge that this fact gives me a certain amount of thin privilege, it has always amazed me just how quickly people are to jump at the chance to call someone too big or too small. Through my life, I've been told both things repeatedly, and neither results in a particularly enjoyable experience. Why humans can't just let others be is a question with no feasible answer to my mind.

At the end of the day, I usually wear a U.S. 16/18, U.K. 20/22, and for most designers and brands, that classifies as plus-size. I myself have no qualms with using the label to describe myself, my 50-inch hips or my jiggly tummy. However, I always encourage plus-size readers to experiment with sizing, and not just rule out a brand because they technically don't stock your size. With that in mind, I think Collectif is a great place to try said experimenting. Specializing in recreating '40's and '50's fashion, it was an inevitability that my eye would be drawn to this brand. Think cigarette trousers, Marilyn-silhouettes, Jackie Kennedy-esque skirt suits and Grease-appropriate polka dots.

If I could wear ensembles like this every day, I would not hesitate. The blouse has the perfect grandma-ish-vintage-vibe, while the cigarette trousers are wonderfully flexible and made of a delightfully stretchy poly blend. I'm actually thinking of getting them in burgundy as well. It's rare I find pants I like, so I'm thinking I should probably take advantage of the fact that they're on sale.

Though a U.K. brand, Collectif does ship internationally in case anyone's interested. AND they have an incredible sale section for those on a budget. Both the top and bottoms I'm wearing are on a mega discount! I stole Paddy's old folk hat for these pictures as well, and although it's technically a "newsboy" hat -- and those have never really suited me in the past -- I'm kind of really liking it.

This is Benson. He belongs to the in-laws. Though something of a goof, and not very clever, he's a sweetie.
Get the Look:
Patricia Secret Garden Floral Blouse, £18, Collectif
Bonnie Cigarette Trousers Plain, £22, Collectif
Bertie Locket Mix Material Monk Shoes, £75, House of Fraser
Vintage Racing Green Watch, £22, ASOS

I don't know if y'all have noticed, but I've been including links to the songs I quote in my titles. A while ago, the lovely Sonya of Fashion Fragile made a joke about how the only song lyric she'd picked up on was a Madonna one. Sometimes I wake up with a piece of music stuck in my head, and it has absolutely no connection to the post I'm quoting it in. But citing it just seems like the best way of getting it out into the world, where hopefully others will find it and listen and enjoy.



  1. I know this song too, and it's a great one! I love this outfit. It all comes together perfectly to evoke an era. The trousers fit you especially perfectly :)

    1. Yay for another Joni fan! And thank you so much :) Finally a trouser win.

  2. You look insanely adorable in that newspaper boy hat, it really suits you! And you look amazing in this 50's style, I would wear every single one of these pieces, too. especially the loafers. be still my heart.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Thank you so much darling. Collectif is really a lovely place. I adore the '50s style, so they're perfect for that! xo

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