04 April 2014

It Just Seems So Funny How I Always End Up Here, Walking Outside In A Storm While Looking Way Up Past The Treeline

Back in January, I introduced Livi Rae Lingerie, the Georgia-based boutique that specializes in helping its customers with bra-fit whilst producing some really stunning products in all sizes. I was very intrigued when I got an email from them, because in my experience, lingerie companies never seem to really care about whether your bra fits properly as long as you're spending money in their store (thanks for all those horribly-fitting bras, Victoria's Secret). Though I've tried getting away with not wearing one at all, because they are so often constricting and uncomfortable, as any woman with a C-cup or larger knows, it's even more unpleasant not to wear one.

Thus why Livi Rae is the perfect antidote to contemporary bra shopping. They were kind enough to offer me a customized item of my choice for review (achieving the perfect fit by taking my dress, pant and cup size), so of course I had to select the Parfait Bustier. The pinstripes remind me of both candy-canes and candy-stripers, and the lace accents in combination with the primary rose color give the piece a vintage feel I couldn't resist.

As of late, women have been embracing lingerie as day-wear. And I really admire that. I think it's empowering and bold and often looks incredibly striking. This bustier was ideal for me because it allows a lot of experimentation. It can be worn under a main garment for extra bust support, but it can also be paired with a cute H&M skater skirt and Cache vest for a pretty cute, smart/casual ensemble. I love that this piece offers enough support, while not being too ultra-push-up. If it were too push-up-y, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it out. I have this thing about not wanting my boobs to be too in-your-face.

Normally, I'm not really into anything too reminiscent of shape-wear. I suppose you could argue that a bustier is essentially a corset and a corset is essentially an old-fashioned form of shape-wear. But I actually don't think this counts. Of course, anything fitted is meant to highlight your shape, but this particular item isn't that tight, which is great because I was a little worried it would cause a Kira Knightley circa Pirates of the Caribbean type situation. And I didn't fancy losing the ability to breathe and falling into the ocean (or down a hill, in my case). Rather, it hugs the shape you have, showing off your curves without sucking them in so tightly that your body is transformed to unrealistic proportions. And that's absolutely perfect for me.

Side Note: I've decided to try to get my hair to an orange-state, like Hayley Williams's here. It's in an early, patchy stage, obviously. I'm really against bleaching my hair, because I actually like my curls and don't want to fry them, so the process takes a little longer, but is probably (hopefully) way healthier.

This post was sponsored by Livi Rae Lingerie. All opinions expressed are my own.


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