26 April 2014

Ever Since I Was A Young Boy, I've Played The Silver Ball. From Soho Down To Brighton, I Must Have Played Them All

Sometimes you just need a weekend off. A weekend off of everything. I've been feeling really stressed out and anxious as of late -- see grim explanatory post -- and a weekend in Brighton seemed like the perfect remedy. My partner has a major deadline for work, and is to be spending the weekend locked inside his studio, so I figured I would take the train down and visit his cousins in this lovely seaside city. The girls are 11 and 13, and to be honest, it's been great to just leave all the grown-up concerns aside and have fun being a kid again (not that I ever feel like much of an adult). We spent the day eating saltwater taffy, shopping The Lanes, going on sickly fast rides on the pier and buying the funkiest sunglasses we could find. And soon we will be crashing for an evening of Edward Scissorhands and Spaced

Note: I'm supposed to wear glasses all the time, but never seem to remember to. My eyesight isn't horrible by any means, but today I realized just how much clearer the world is when I do. It was exciting and eye-opening (literally).

One of the best parts of the day was seeing this original Banksy mural - often called "The Kiss", which was spray-painted on Trafalgar Street in 2004. 

Brief art history lesson: Banksy is a UK-based graffiti artist whose been on the scene since about 1992. He's known for combatting the idea that street art is vandalism, as well as spreading anti-war, anti-capitalist and anti-homophobic messages through his work. He taps into the often less-than-ideal human condition, portraying poverty, greed, alienation and monotony in the most realistic, beautifully despairing kind of ways. He's satirical and dark and comedic and all-around-awesome. In case you guys didn't know, Brighton is actually the gay capital of the UK (Hebden Bridge, where I live, is the lesbian capital!), so this particular piece has been embraced and framed and preserved perfectly. Here are some of my other favorites:

And here is me again, mildly sad at not being able to afford any of the vintage clothes in The Lanes. It makes sense to me that thrift shops be affordable, and yet so many of them are more expensive than new clothes at Topshop.

I did indeed purchase my handbag in the kid's section of Cath Kidston. It has outer space on it, and reminds me of my favorite sci-fi shows. Since moving to the country of perpetual rain, CK bags have been alluring because of their waterproof PVC coating. I highly recommend them.  

Get the Look:
Bright Floral Blouse, $47, ASOS
Linen Mini Skirt with Scallop Hem, $38, ASOS
River Island Chunky Platform Gladiator Sandals (Similar), $75, ASOS
Cath Kidston Space Kids Satchel, $45, Cath Kidston 
Sweater, Urban Outfitters (Sold Out)
Hat, Thrifted

Song of the Day:
"Pinball Wizard" by The Who



  1. Aw, expensive vintage shops make me so sad :( You should watch Exit Through the Giftshop!

  2. Argh I've been meaning to! I just always forget, so thanks for the reminder. Expensive vintage shops just always seem like an oxymoron. Sad state of affairs.


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