21 March 2014

These Are The Days Of Miracle And Wonder; This Is The Long Distance Call

For most of my life, I possessed some vague knowledge of Paul Simon. Obviously I had been exposed to Simon and Garfunkel (my dad was born only one year before Simon, and sort of grew up alongside his music). But I had never really appreciated the depth and soul-wrenching aesthetic of the lyrics until I met Paddy, whose favorite album is probably Graceland (*Note: If you ask me, Paul Simon may as well have been the son of Zeus and Mnemosyne had they had a son and not nine Muse daughters). Since arriving in Florida, I have had "The Boy in the Bubble" and "You Can Call Me Al" playing on repeat in my brain. Maybe it's because I'm down south. Maybe it's because the album is warm and mystical and oftentimes confusing, and I'm at a point in my life where confusion permeates my head like this humidity permeates my pores. I don't know.

Anyway, I haven't been able to get "Boy in the Bubble" out of my head all day, so I chose to dress in this two-piece gumball ensemble by ModCloth. No, Paul Simon's song has nothing to do with big globs of bubble gum, but hey. 

The very pop-art filter on this set (which I'm not terribly fond of to be honest but enjoyed playing with nonetheless) is due to the fact that this outfit is loud and ever-so-slightly obnoxious. But also because Graceland was written in the '80s, and the '80s were loud and very-much-obnoxious. I got a lot of compliments at the supermarket though. Mainly from the 70+ crowd.

I admit to splurging on some Michael Kors platform sneakers. I'm not remotely a brand whore, and I didn't buy them because of the tiny little MK charm on the top of the laces. They're just really, really comfortable. I spent most of my adolescence in Converse, but find that all of a sudden they really peel the back of my feet. These fit beautifully, and they have a platform heel. Bazinga. 

Get the Look:
Gumball or Nothing Skirt, $30, ModCloth
Gumball or Nothing Top, $23, ModCloth
Handbag, My Mama's Closet (circa 1985)
Sunglasses, Buffalo Exchange (sometime ago)


  1. Very cute! I feel like this has kind of a "mall trash" feel, and please take that as a compliment because I mean it as one!

    1. Haha I've never heard "mall trash" used positively, either. But, hey. Thanks I think :)

  2. Although p.s. I really object to the phrase "brand whore". I wasn't sure whether I should mention that or not but I decided I would. Sex workers get so much flak and absentminded colloquialisms like that perpetuate the stigma.

    1. I appreciate your comment and input, Sonya. While I get where you're coming from, I do have to disagree. I don't believe in giving words more power than they deserve. It's why I have no qualms with using the word "fat." In my opinion, by shying away from certain words and giving them extremely derogatory connotations, we'll never be able to rise about a one-syllable word. It'll always have power over us. I think there are exceptions to this, obviously. I would never use certain words because I know they are still offensive to large populations of people. But certain words, like fat or slut or what have you, I think we can take back.

      I actually have several friends, male and female, who are sex workers in one capacity or another, be it as cam workers, escorts, or sugar babies, and I know they all feel comfortable with the word "whore." Especially when not said with malicious intent, which would never be my personal intention. I have a huge amount of respect for what they do, in fact.

      I do totally understand why would feel the way you do, because I think there's an incredible amount of ignorance surrounding our usage of these words, but I don't think every person who uses certain words is ignorant or derogatory.

  3. Haha, I like ever-so-slightly-obnoxious ensembles, *especially* when it starts getting warm. I feel like during the summer it's all rules out the window- dress as colorfully and playfully as you please! And I really liked your response up there- especially the bit where you said we shouldn't give words more power than they deserve. I agree completely on that one.

    xo marlen
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