06 March 2014

I Could Have Been Your Statue, Could Have Been Your Friend, A Whole Long Lifetime, Could Have Been The End

Rompers have always been one of those things that causes profoundly painful uncertainty. Because they are so often creators of camel toes and bad news, I have steered clear despite finding them whimsical and entertaining. Keeping my height into consideration, it's been nearly impossible to find a jumpsuit that fits nicely and is to my taste and doesn't at all get bunched up in the most horrific of places. When I was in New York a few weeks ago, I found this perfect piece by Fashion to Figure. Unfortunately, it's sold out now. But I still highly recommend checking out FTF if you have yet to. The brand is one that understands the beauty of the curvaceous figure, and seeks to showcase it proudly rather than hide its existence. 

I never thought orange and green together would suit me, but overall I was pretty pleased. This is my last fashion shoot to post from the Rachel Crittenden series, which you've heard me drool over in my last three outfit posts. I cannot reiterate enough how fun it was to work with this painfully talented beauty. So I repeat: if ever you are in New York and looking for a photographer, email her at rachel.crittenden.photography@gmail.com.

Time for a digression.

It's been months since anyone has asked me whether I miss New York, but just recently one of my editors did. It was incredibly random and I wasn't prepared in the least to answer the question. Looking at the Manhattan skyline in these photos, though, I realize that my answer isn't as simple as a no or a yes. I miss feeling like opportunities are just around the corner, literally. I miss feeling like the perfect publication to submit my essays or immersive journalism to is only a few blocks away rather than across the frikin ocean. I miss my friends. And I miss my Brooklyn apartment. But I don't miss the constant stress. I don't miss waking up at 5 a.m. and going to bed at 2 a.m. the next morning. I don't miss the lack of countryside and the silence to clear my head. I would love to go back and live in the city someday -- I had the opportunity to do so this month, in fact, but for personal circumstances, really couldn't just yet. I don't feel like my relationship with New York has come to an end, but for now, I might actually be happy across the sea.

Get the Look:
For similar plus-size rompers, ASOS and Forever21+
Shoes, $40, Simply Be


  1. haha YES, i feel your pain! I'm 5'11 so whenever I try on a romper all sorts of bad things happen to my backside. but i absolutely love the style so i keep the hunt going. the one you found is an absolute stunner- you look beautiful in it!

    xo marlen
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    1. It's such a nightmare trying to find a romper when you're tall, both the backside AND frontside get far too scrunched in bad, bad places. You would completely suit a vintage, '70s romper, though. I hope you find one! And thank you for your sweetness xx

  2. I la-la-love rompers, in concept, but you're right that the execution seems tricky. But this one is lovely! A signature bright Marie print :)

    1. Yes, this is literally the only one I have EVER found that doesn't make a show of my lady bits. Thank you darling. I do love my bright prints <3

  3. Gorgeous photo shoot! When rompers first came out, I thought there was no-way no-how I'd ever wear one. But I've noticed that plus size retailers have taken the boxy silhouette and given it more of an hourglass shape as of late, like the one you're wearing here. Lane Bryant currently has a solid black one that if I stumble upon in a store, I just might have to try. I'm not sure I'm ready to rock a romper in such a wild print quite yet, but at least I've come around to giving the romper itself a chance!


    1. Totally agree. I think for years plus-size retailers neglected rompers, because the traditional straight silhouette of them isn't really flattering to curvier figures. I'm glad you like this one! I will have to check out Lane Bryant's pieces. ASOS Curve does some really cute ones, as well as Forever 21+ actually. If you ever try one, please do tell! xx


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