25 February 2014

She's A Sunflower, She's My One Flower, She's The Flower Of My Heart

Something I worry about perpetually is losing sight of who I am. I don't know if this is an inherent characteristic of most introverted, book worm types, or of all humans at that. But it's a thought that plagues me time and time again. Then again, that worry would suggest I know myself to begin with, and how much do any of us know ourselves really. It's a tricky thing, but I guess what I mean is that the idea of losing the notions of my self that I happen to possess is frightening. I mention all this because my basically-mother-in-law made a comment the other day that really got me thinking about identity and self-understanding. She noticed that most people tend to give me clothes as presents, and asked whether in turn it becomes tough to maintain a unique identity when it comes to fashion. Her wording I can't recollect verbatim, but the point was... when you're wearing so many different genres of apparel, how can you stay true to your style?

Whenever people ask me what my "style" is, I'm at a loss. The decades I draw most inspiration from when thinking of fashion, film or music are definitely the '20s and '40s-'60s. That being said, I am not exclusively a vintage fashion blogger, obviously. Just as I am not a street wear blogger, or a punk blogger or an organic blogger. I shy away from defining my style because I don't like being constricted inside a little box. I don't want to identify as a solely vintage blogger, and then feel the pangs of guilt whenever I feature something other than a swing dress.

At the end of the day, I believe we should choose our clothing based on what makes us happy. For some, that is a "niche." For me, it's experimenting. It's combining trends of different decades. It's doing the '90s grunge one day and the flower power the next. What I will say is that I am a dress and skirt lover, through and through. But am I girly girl? I don't know. I love femininity and sparkles and feeling like a princess (spoiled?). I love dressing up and finding the next-perfect-dress. But at the end of the day, the dresses I pick, the leggings I pick, the coats I pick, I pick because they're me.

This dress, for instance, is so me it kind of hurts. My love for sunflowers is something I have always had, and shared with my sister. They were her favorite flowers before they were mine, and maybe they're my favorite because they were hers, or maybe it's something we just shared intrinsically. Who knows? But this dress... this dress just makes me smile. A piece of clothing featuring your favorite flower or musician or landscape may not seem like a big deal. It may seem fun, and that's why you buy it, but you may not think it really matters all that much. But then you have those moments, like the kind I had with my almost-mother-in-law, and you look at what you're wearing, and it's a sunflower, or The Ramones logo, or Johnny Cash's face or the Eiffel Tower, and you get just a little reminder of who you are. And sometimes that can go a long way.

Get the Look:
Skater Dress in Sunflower Print, $47, ASOS
Wetlook Quilted Crop Jacket, $65, Simply Be
Classic Dr. Marten's, $100, Dr. Martens
Jewel Necklace, $45, Simply Be

My thanks again to the mesmerizing Rachel Crittenden for these shots -- one of the only people who I've really encountered in a long time that I've felt I can actually be me with. I fan-girled Rachel in my last outfit post, which you can read here. But just take my word: she is incredible. She is beautiful. And she'll make you feel beautiful, too.


  1. Interesting thoughts on identity. . . well, I share a love of sunflowers with you and your sister!

  2. I've been feeling something very similar lately when I take a look into my closet. I feel like nothing is cohesive and I wonder what it is I even like anymore. Then I read that you love that dress because it has something on it that is what you love. It's a great description of how to make fashion your own. Sure, vintage pieces come with a "one of a kind" vibe to them, but sometimes it's not just about wearing stuff that no one else wears. It's about wearing what you love! (By the way, I've had that dress in my watchlist on ASOS for a while now!) :D

    1. Ahh this dress would look amazing on you, and with your hair color! When I look at your blog I definitely feel like you have an original style and a unique look. While I love bloggers who have a "niche" it's just not me to subscribe to only one genre. I just find it limiting. I wear things because I like them, and I think that's the most important fashion rule. Glad you feel the same :D

  3. This was a very interesting read, thank you. I feel as though I wear items and styles from as many eras as possible. My only personal style title is probably "attention grabbing" if I'm being honest. :P

    Ps: You make me miss my fabulous green hair, yours looks so good!

    1. Haha "attention grabbing" is as good a style as any. Man I love that green lipstick on one of your latest posts. Thank you for the compliments hun! I actually wanted to go fully green but decided against it because of how badly the bleach would've screwed my hair.


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