10 February 2014

Found My Way Upstairs And Had A Smoke; And Somebody Spoke; And I Went Into A Dream

There's been something of a trend as of late involving semi-casual suit-y type separates of the same pattern. When I first started seeing this pop up in places like ASOS or Topshop, I wondered what was the point. The majority of the separate combos weren't formal enough to serve as work suits (not that I would ever wear a proper suit anyway), but certainly not laid-back enough for your average day. And if a top and skirt, or top and shorts, are of the same pattern, why not just go for a dress and avoid awkward creases? Featuring the Jackie Kennedy-inspired ensemble a few weeks ago was sort of an experiment. I figured I shouldn't belittle the trend until I tried it. And I actually kind of get it. Having the separates allows for a lot more versatility.

Anyway, I received something of a similar nature from Tesco's clothing line, F&F. For my U.S. readers, Tesco is sort of like the upscale Walmart of the E.U. Though primarily a grocery store in the U.K., they do also sell electronics and bedding and yes, clothes. My assumption prior to just recently was that the clothing was probably pretty...well, crappy. Possibly cute, but likely to only last a few weeks and one or two washes (like Walmart!). But these pieces actually seem to be of decent quality. The elastic of the skirt has loosened a bit after two wears, which is something of a disappointment, but otherwise everything is holding up (and because I have the worst tendency to tear, stain and utterly destroy clothing due to a lack of balance and coordination, it's a good sign in my book).

This particular jacquard set is a bit more formal than I'd wear to university (unless I was still studying at N.Y.U., in which case, anything goes), but that's the beauty of the separates. I paired the skirt with a sea foam green polka dot crop top the other day, and was pretty pleased at how good of a pattern-mixing look that created (sorry, no pictures unfortunately). I'm certainly keeping it on the rack for a fancier-type dinner or night out in Manhattan when I next return, though. Oh, and it's got a hint of '60s glam whilst being form-fitting and curve-highlighting, so I was bound to love it.

*Sorry for the not-so-good quality of the photos and the fact that they have been taken indoors. But this is England. it rains perpetually.

This is what happens when, for whatever reason, Paddy asks me to make a jelly fish impression. Clearly, I do not spend enough time with jelly fish.
Get the look:
F&F Chain Embellished Jacquard Shell Top, $16, Tesco
F&F Monochrome Jacquard Tube Skirt, $23, Tesco
Catarzi Exclusive to ASOS Classic Fedora, $49, ASOS
Jacques2 Double Buckle Shoes, $104, Topshop


  1. C'mon, girl, you GOTTA hang out with jellyfish more! I really like this trend, actually. And for once I know what song you're quoting with your title =P

    1. Hehehe of course everyone gets the Beatles reference :p I actually love the trend the more I experiment with it. Anything that allots for creativity is good in my book.

  2. Hey wait, didn't you wake up, get out of bed, and drag a comb across your head first? :D
    (Love the reference...)
    You rock this dress! You have the most lovely curves and this dress accents them well. + that hat is awesome and it inspires me to rock the fedora someday.

    1. Thank you so much! I honestly love body-hugging stuff, and am really enjoying this new outfit. You should totally wear a fedora, it would suit you and your look so well! xo


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