03 February 2014

Be Running Up That Road, Be Running Up That Hill, Be Running Up That Building

I have been following Bow and Drape since they first launched and started producing some really high-quality, DYO fashion. As not-a-very-huge fan of do-it-yourself activities in general (I prefer to get things ready-made -- maybe due to a lack of time, maybe because I'm sort of lazy when it comes to my shopping), I was initially skeptical. But after customizing a Jackie Kennedy-inspired dress, I was convinced. The fabric was soft to the touch and comfortable, and I actually loved the design process. It opened my eyes to a new and potentially exciting development in my list of fashion-y hobbies, and ever since I've tried to add something unique or aesthetically different to most things I wear. Even if it's just in how I accessorize a certain piece or wear my hair.

Anyway, B&D has some gorgeous new items. For a new-ish company, they really expanded heavily in 2013, and 2014 will undoubtedly follow suit. A sucker for elephants, though, I had to get something with this boozy elephant applique. I mean obviously: my favorite animal drinking a cocktail. It was a match made in heaven, really. Because it's been so hideously grim and typically British outside the past few weeks, I thought I'd go for this Billie Sweatshirt, and I assure you it's one of the warmest things I've worn in ages. Don't be fooled by the light look of it, the fleece lining is a beautiful thing. To throw in a bit of my native language, I customized my elephant with the word "salud" -- a.k.a. "cheers." This was an attempt to be slightly cultural while keeping the sweatshirt fun. 

Amongst the style-spirations for B&D's clothes are classic icons like Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Simone Signoret, as well as modern fashion mavens like Florence Welch and Victoria Beckham. I find the mixture of the old with the new subtle yet distinct. Unlike a lot of brands that really strive for this mixture, but fall short, Bow and Drape nails it every time. For me, this is really perfect because I love the fashion of decades past but enjoy inserting modernity's twists into most things I own. 

Side note, you guys know I struggle with pants. Tights and leggings, those are my staples. But these faux-leather skinnies by Lauren Conrad are one of the best things I've ever wiggled my assets into. I feel so beyond comfortable, and feel they really do wonders in the curve-accentuating department when it comes to my thighs and derrière

But back to Bow and Drape, you can read my interview with former PR girl Christa for more info. And in the meantime, use coupon code MIGGMAGNEWYEAR for 15% off anything! (Valid until the end of the month.)

Get the look:
Customizable Billie Sweatshirt, $58+, Bow and Drape
Lauren Conrad Faux-Leather Skinny Pants, on sale for $32, Khols
Deep Burgundy Ankle Boots, $65, Boohoo
Jewelry, H&M


  1. So stunning! I also really like your hair. :3

    1. Ahh thank you! I tried styling it a bit for once haha!

  2. What a cool concept! And OMG, drunk elephant, yes


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