04 January 2014

I Saw It Written And I Saw It Say, Pink Moon Is On Its Way

I used to be mildly obsessed with Jackie Kennedy. Something about her always inspired me. People are (still) quick to dismiss Jackie O. as being the prototypical trophy wife -- a young, beautiful girl too preoccupied with the latest French couture to notice anything else. But that just wasn't the case. Yes, she was a fashion icon, and a brilliant one at that, but she also had a knack for architecture and design, totally restoring the White House through her own vision. She was essentially the social event planner during JFK's presidency, but chose to invite artists, scientists, writers, poets and musicians to said events, to mingle with the otherwise quotidian politicians. She loved literature, and dedicated her later years to working as an Editor. AND she looked amazing while doing it all, turning Chanel into a household name in America.

Though I would not call her my style icon these days, I do draw inspiration from Jackie from time to time, which is the predominant reason I was drawn to this very pink knitted skirt suit. I discovered the suit via Nicolette Mason when she styled it for her New Year post, and thought "O. my Jackie" right away.

I decided to go ultra-glam with the rest of the ensemble, thus the fur coat -- one of the best vintage bargains I have ever made. This coat has been with me for a year, and has been a godsend for trapping in heat. I have been told I look a bit too upper class when I wear it (which couldn't be further from reality) but I just can't help being obsessed with it. And at least it isn't white fur, right? Though I normally prefer stud earrings, I got these cameo door-knockers as a gift, and thought they were the perfect accessory for the Jackie-esque, '60s chic vibe I was going for.

Being me, though, I had to juxtapose the uber classiness with the least classy environment I could think of: thus the hardware shop. There is zero glamour in a B&Q, the equivalent of a U.S. Home Depot (it even has the same horrible orange color scheme), so I thought it would be amusing to shoot there. We had to be quick, as I was getting far too many stares for comfort (though one very smily middle-aged man did make me kind of happy), so this means the shots aren't the best ever. But... it was fun, in one of those weird, not-really-that-fun kind of ways.

Get the look:
Knit Shirt/Skirt Suit, ASOS, $116
Black Patent Shoes, ASOS, on sale for $32
Cameo Earrings, ASOS, on sale for $11
Vintage Fur Coat, Antique Store in Mytholmroyd, Search Ebay!
Polka Dot Wallet, Gift from Mama#2, Search Ebay!


  1. Makes me want to learn more about Jackie O. You are SO glam compared to your surroundings! I love both the coat and suit :)

    1. I was OBSESSED with her for years. Thanks doll <3

    2. No one remembers Jackie in the wonderful ways you brought to light anymore. They remember the fashion, which was delightful, but never remember the vast intellect, the philanthropic works after she married Aristotle and the delightful and still present changes you made to American culture as a whole.


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