04 December 2013

Billion Year Old Carbon

Marie Southard Ospina

The past two days have been rough, for reasons I will write about at a later time, I'm sure. But two things have made the day sparkle just a bit more. I got two packages in the mail upon returning home from my new job at VIVA Magazine. The first, a care bundle from my amazing and beautiful friend, Natalie. She knew I was sad and sent me (and my Paddy) the most thoughtful prezzies. The second was a disc of my photographs from a shoot with My Boudoir UK. I decided to shoot with My Boudoir after discovering them through Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, and falling in love with the glamour and vintage qualities of the photography. So a few weeks ago, as a sort of pre-Christmas treat to myself, I headed over to Lancashire to shoot with Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell, owner and photographer.

As I told Nicola on the day of, there's literally never been a photographer (other than my boyfriend) who I have felt as comfortable with straight from the get go. Nicola and Sarah Elliott, My Boudoir's incredible makeup and hair artist, made me feel like a friend and not a client. Before even walking inside, I was overcome by a sense of calm, and this isn't something I take for granted considering how 90 percent of daily life gives me anxiety. 

I couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out. I love vintage and pin-up fashion and photography (probably because my dad was obsessed with women like Marilyn and Audrey and Bettie Page and I was exposed to their beauty from a young age), and Nicola and Sarah catered to that perfectly with my hair and makeup, and with the staging for the outfits I brought in. The risk in plus fashion is, of course, that anything you wear will be worn by a few other fashion bloggers that same week, but I loved seeing Nadia Aboulhosn and Gabi Gregg in the Armani Exchange, Simply Be mermaid-esque dress featured here. They are two women I find super inspirational. We each wore it differently, which just goes to show how one piece can evolve into a dozen unique ensembles. My other two dresses are by Dorothy Perkins -- a brand I have come to know and love since moving to the UK. They mix the classic and modern, the shoulder pads and the lace, to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Because I have something of an obsession with the past, this was an immensely memorable experience for me. I think there's so much to be learned from things that have been (whether that be fashion or global conflicts or old films), and worry that that's something we don't reflect on nearly enough.
Marie Southard Ospina Marie Southard Ospina Marie Southard Ospina Marie Southard Ospina Marie Southard Ospina

Despite what it looks like, I'm not nude. My hair covers the rose straps of the dress.

Get the looks:
Look 1: AX Paris Sequin Bodycon Dress$105, Simply Be
Look 2: Blush Floral Cami Dress, on sale for $30, Dorothy Perkins
Look 3: Black Embroidery Pencil Dress, on sale for $52, Dorothy Perkins


  1. So beautiful, Marie! I love the glossy, old-glamor feel. That mermaid dress really is to die for--I could see it on a million bloggers and never get tired of it.

  2. Thank you so much, Sonya. I really do love the mermaid dress and completely agree.

  3. Marie..these are amazing shots! LOVING THEM so much! Hope you are ok and have time to relax!

  4. Beautiful, Marie! You are proof that loveliness comes in sizes other than the waif-like, anorexic, stick-models magazines use in their ads these days! Your shots are just lovely!

  5. Gorgeous, Marie I crave for glossy fashion spreads and the sweet aroma from those giant fashion bibles your pics are exciting and I love this blog.

  6. i so wish i was you . im so tired off people having a go at me about my size im 45 a uk 22 and im disabled i have a muscle condition that makes every movement painful as well as a list off other problems id love to do a shoot like this but have no money and no idea where to go


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