30 December 2013

Oh Blue Angel, Have No Fear; Brush Away Lonely Teardrops

We are often told during the winter months to steer clear of flowers and bright colors. I think that's ridiculous. It's grim enough out there without eradicating any sense of liveliness in our wardrobes. This week I have been feeling incredibly down. I am nothing if not a cliche. As all writers in probably the history of the universe, I am moody. My highs are very high. My lows are very low. There is not often an in-between. I sat down to read the last book in my collection of dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature today, and found I simply couldn't. I was too fragile and too vulnerable and too attention-deficit-y from the previous six I devoured in a matter of days. And the perpetual English clouds outside were not helping matters. So I decided to put on a daisy dress.

I am not so naive as to think a flowery dress will make anyone's woes disappear, as most woes run deeper than that. But because on this occasion mine principally stemmed from my own head, I thought it would help to at least look happier. And funnily enough, it did. The process of getting dolled up for photos and taking my mind away from the discordant worlds of my books filled me a sense of ease. Not entirely. But it was something like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. My down-ness was not gone per say, it was masked -- to be come back to at a later time. For now, at least there's some color. At least there's some light. 

This dress from Dorothy Perkins' fall collection was the way to go. It is light and flowy and the sort of thing you can spin around in when you just want to play outside and hop fences like you did when you were a little kid. Of course, it's December in Yorkshire, so I had to add this I.N.C. vest, which was a gift to myself last time I was in New York. The main reason I go to Macy's these days is for I.N.C and I.N.C. alone. Their clothes are high-quality without being your standard high-quality price. And since I'm always on a budget these days, that's pretty perfect for me. It also prevented the outfit from being TOO happy, as I thought I would feel like a phony if I came outside wearing only a vibrant dress.

Get the look:
Daisy Dress, Dorothy Perkins, $25
International Concepts (INC) Moto Vest, Similar at Torrid, $69
Dr. Marten Classics, Dr. Martens, $140



  1. Daisies!! Dressing up always makes me feel at least a little better too <3

    1. It really made me feel better for an hour or two. I'll take it <3


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