29 December 2013

Borrowed Time And Borrowed World And Borrowed Eyes With Which To Sorrow It

This has been an intense week, so pardon my brief absence. The end of the year always has that effect. Ironically, it wasn't Christmas that consumed my life for the past few days. It was grad school.

For my end of term essay, I will be writing about dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature, which means I have spent a week breathing and consuming said genres of novels nonstop -- and still have a long way to go before I feel comfortable enough writing a remotely philosophical essay. As is to be expected, reading different variations about either the horridness of the human condition in the present state, or the horridness of the human condition that will arise in the event of an apocalypse, has been taking its toll on my psyche. I've been feeling progressively more broody and introspective and cynical. I suppose I wanted that to transcend in this particular outfit choice. I guess I was inspired by the books I have been reading as well as British punk of the '80s, which has been my choice genre of music during the week of the end of the world.

Get the look:
Denim Boyfriend Top, ASOS, $22
Tartan Leggings, ASOS, $33
Marble Flats, Steve Madden, $84



  1. I love the high angle photos and the dreamy quality of the light. Also, I know what you mean about being immersed in a certain kind of story & thus its mood. I have to be careful about what I read and watch for that reason.

    1. Thanks lovely Sonya :D I really enjoyed the high angle shots as well, that was my boyfriend's skilled experimentation with the camera. I think it's really beneficial to read things that freak us out a bit. It puts a lot into perspective.


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