31 December 2013

As It Was In The Beginning, So Shall It Be In The End

Well, this is it, I guess: the last day of the year that changed so much. 2013. It was a big one. It was good. It was bad. It was one of the bests, and one of the worsts. 


This is the first year in a long time that isn't ending on a sour note. Normally, New Year's Eve is a hideous affair. We (I) put so much effort into it being the most memorable day of the year, that in turn it becomes one of the most horrid. It's a common predicament for most humans, I feel. 

This year I'm not going out. I'm not going to try to find the perfect party. I'm not going to pub crawl through the freezing Mancunian streets in a mini skirt and attempt to drown the chill in my bones with an obscene amount of booze. I'm just going to stay home, with the person I love, and think about all the good things that await us in 2014 (albeit, probably getting intoxicated whilst doing it).

I had a feeling (briefly) last NYE that 2013 was going to be a good one. And in so many ways, it really was. But I have an even stronger feeling that the one to come is going to bring about all the things I've been thinking about and dreaming about and thinking about some more. I have promised myself to do all the things I know I have to do, but also the ones I want to do. 

I felt the urge to dress up a bit more than usual today, because though I am staying home, it is still a special occasion. Instead of writing my essay (as I should be doing, I know), I'm just going to relax in this AX Paris snakeskin number while sipping mulled wine and listening to Bob Marley and cuddling Paddy. And I'm pretty pleased about this plan.

Get the look:
AX Paris Snakeskin Dress, SimplyBe£30
Leather Loafers, ASOS£33


  1. You. are. such. a BABE. Here's to 2013, and the upcoming year!

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