12 December 2013

And It Goes On And On, Way Beyond And Out Of Reach

Today I attended an amazing event that gave me the chance to meet a dozen lovely and beyond talented Mancunian fashion bloggers. Up until this afternoon, I really had no idea that there was much of a blogging scene up in the north of England, let alone a 20-something lady-filled blogger scene. But I've been thrilled to be proven wrong. Stay tuned for my official review and coverage of the event tomorrow (I'll give you a hint...it has to do with Claire's Accessories!).

As I prepared for the event, I knew I wanted to wear something quite warm (both in color and in fabric) as this is the perfect time of year to break out the golds, browns, and forest greens. I have had this ModCloth skirt for months now (unfortunately it is now out of stock), but have had so much trouble styling it because of how shiny and glam it is. Walking past Topshop the other day, however, I came across this floral crop and knew they were a match made in fashion heaven. I love that -- when you just know you've brought together two pieces of clothes that are going to look good and make you feel great. A lot of stylists out there would probably say that wearing two loose-fitted garments is a no-no for fuller-figured women, but I thought this combination worked magically, at least for me. Maybe these two pieces don't provide much of an indication that there's a curvaceous shape underneath it all, but I felt comfortable and quirky and that was enough. The '40s feel of the skirt, especially, is something I wouldn't trade for the world. I just love putting it on and feeling like I've traveled back in time on Dr. Who's Tardis. 

Get the look:
Velvet Flower Crop Tee, Topshop, $72
Skirt, ModCloth
Shoes, ASOS, $64
Burgundy Tights, ASOS, $11
Furry Hat (similar), ASOS, $13


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