13 November 2013

"Half Of The Time We're Gone But We Don't Know Where"

Plus Size Model

I don't wear pants. Much.

Note: Pants as in trousers -- not underwear -- as I've recently discovered pants=panties in the UK.

I don't have anything against them, per say. I'm just more into dresses and skirts. If I'm shopping, I can probably find 10 dresses I adore right away, and one pair of jeans or trousers (and even that's rare). I don't know why this is. My guess is that it has to do with really loving vintage and girly things. Kind of like Jess in New Girl (or...any of Zooey Deschanel's characters, really). Though I did have a stage of about two years in middle school of only wearing tee shirts and jeans, and vividly remember my very cliche Colombian mother and brother complaining that I was turning into a tomboy. They'd try to persuade me day after day to put on some tights, but I wasn't having it. Suffice it to say, they (mi madre especially) prefer my choices in apparel at the present.

Anyway, when I find a pair of trousers that I really LOVE, I guard them with my life. I wear them scarcely so that they last long. I got these patterned pants at H&M Spain last January (and was delighted to find out H&M Spain carried up to size 18), and they're probably my favorite pair EVER. I love the psychedelic pattern and the soft feel. So even though they're not "this season's" I thought they were worthy of an outfit post. Actually, the whole ensemble is H&M Spain circa A/W collection 2012. As you guys know, I am a fan of pattern mixing (despite that we plus-size women are so often told that doing so is basically a sin) so instead of going for a solid black top, I chose a patterned jumper. 

I actually featured this look in my roundup of essential winterwear items for Bustle, and included many similar, currently shopable items in case you're interested in purchasing some patterned pants (not undies, though I love patterned undies too) and cozy sweaters.

http://www.bustle.com/articles/8616-velvet-damour-plus-size-supermodel-and-volup2-founder-talks-fashion-fun-and-the-future Plus Size Model Plus Size Model


  1. You are gorgeous The Colours fit you so fine I belive you Can wear just about anny theng you like you are are sure a blessed woman.hugs Peter

  2. So sweet! Thank you, Peter. I don't know that I can wear anything, but I like to experiment anyway :D

  3. I am very proud of you! Te amo!

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  4. Dear Marie please keep up your experiments its so refreshing and good for inspiration.hugs Peter

  5. Those pants are ahmaaazing, and the sweater combines with them really well. Plus I will I could pull off a beanie! So cozy :)

  6. Thank you! I really am obsessed with these pants. Plus they were only like $20. Score.


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