14 November 2013

Hips&Curves Features On The Today Show!

Ok, so I just had to take a sec to celebrate the fact that Hips&Curves featured on the Today Show yesterday morning. That's huge. I mean, their soft and comfy lace trim chemise was literally included in the roundup of "Style Between the Sheets" amongst an Oscar de la Renta nightgown. HUGE.

If you hadn't noticed after my Hips&Curves shoots earlier this year (Hips&Curves Photo Shoot and Hips&Curves Galore), I'm kind of obsessed with this brand. They carry so many exquisite lingerie styles and fits that I can literally find something for any occasion -- not to mention the sleepwear, cosets and apparel (like the amazing, high-waist leggings I'm donning in Hips&Curves Galore).

The particular chemise that featured on NBC comes in a plethora of gorg colors, from grey to purple to white. So...yeah, I know what's next on my wish list (cough cough, the purple one, cough).


  1. You are just growing in beauty you are like a seed growing and at last Bloom like a rose.hugs Peter


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