14 November 2013

Hips&Curves Features On The Today Show!

Ok, so I just had to take a sec to celebrate the fact that Hips&Curves featured on the Today Show yesterday morning. That's huge. I mean, their soft and comfy lace trim chemise was literally included in the roundup of "Style Between the Sheets" amongst an Oscar de la Renta nightgown. HUGE.

If you hadn't noticed after my Hips&Curves shoots earlier this year (Hips&Curves Photo Shoot and Hips&Curves Galore), I'm kind of obsessed with this brand. They carry so many exquisite lingerie styles and fits that I can literally find something for any occasion -- not to mention the sleepwear, cosets and apparel (like the amazing, high-waist leggings I'm donning in Hips&Curves Galore).

The particular chemise that featured on NBC comes in a plethora of gorg colors, from grey to purple to white. So...yeah, I know what's next on my wish list (cough cough, the purple one, cough).

That Time I Modeled @ModCloth

I love vintage. That's no secret. But unfortunately, authentic vintage rarely ever loves me back. It's so hard...SO hard...to find legit clothes from the 40s-70s in my size. I tried for years in New York to thrift my heart away, but the epic retro finds were far and few between. That's probably why I love ModCloth so much. If you can't have real vintage, the next best thing is definitely vintage inspired. And ModCloth carries so many unique brands up to sizes 3-4XL that I find myself checking their plus section on a daily basis.

So obviously when the opportunity arose to model for this inspirational e-commerce shop (it was founded by a millennial ya know), I could not turn it down. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting at the ModCloth studio in Pittsburgh. I just love these plus-size skirts, tops and jackets. Being me, it always takes a bit for my awkwardness to fade enough to get a good shot, and that may be obvious to some of you :p But the point is the clothes -- the vintage-look-a-likes for curvy girls like me. They exist! *Sigh of relief*

Plus Size Model 
Plus Size Model
plus size model

Plus Size Model
Plus Size Model
Plus Size Model
Plus Size Model
You can purchase all these plus-size vintage pieces in the plus-section of ModCloth.

13 November 2013

A Friend's Response To "Why Girls Should Not Cut Their Hair Short"

Stars with Pixie Cut

Trust me, I understand fully that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do. But there's a huge difference between saying "I don't like fat girls" or "I don't like girls with short hair" to making comments along the lines of, "Fat girls don't deserve love," or, "If you’re in the female sweet spot, between the ages of 18 and 28, you certainly [have to impress men]," by not chopping off your hair.

Often, I find such comments sufficiently amusing. How mad can you really be at people who are so obviously...well, ignorant? But it's still sad, because the ones making such comments and dedicating websites, blogs and forums to the promotion of body shaming (or aesthetic shaming) of any kind not only exist, but have a ton of followers.

That's why it's always reassuring to hear someone stand up to it -- to hear someone profess their far more worthwhile (if you ask me) observations. So when Roger Sterling Jr. of Total Frat Move (the same forum that preaches stuff like southern supremacy and "white rich girls with two percent body fat are the bomb") posted "Why Girls Should Not Cut Their Hair Short" -- because their flaws will be highlighted, their faces will look fat and they will just be un-fuckable (like Emma Watson, Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence have all proven) -- it was pretty refreshing to read the following response by the beautiful Tatum Brontë. I was lucky enough to meet Tatum whilst studying abroad in Madrid. When we met, her hair was relatively long, and she was stunning. Today, she rocks a pixie cut, and....could it be?...she's still stunning (gasps). I couldn't resist posting her letter to good old Roger Sterling Jr. here.


Dear Frat Boy Writer (pseudonym Roger Sterling *Junior*, LOL!), 

How about you actually pick up a book at your university. May I suggest one about gender, sexuality, the process of socialization (your own), and stereotypes...i.e. the complexities of the real world beyond your phallocentric view of it? Your diatribe on women with short hair is dated, yet conspicuously fitting in a school of thought called contemporary MALE MALAISE. Look it up, bro.

Better yet! Take a trip beyond your worldly street of frat houses -- and your own inflated mind -- instead of relishing in your own ignorant might...not by exercising any personal gifts, mind you, but the oldest trick in the book: I'm an ass, hear me roar. 

But hey thanks for letting me know that I'm in the "sweet spot" of womanhood (age 18-24, right? that's the window, right?) and reminding me that I certainly have people (read: men) to impress. Oh, and that my human (read: sexual) value is basically the length of my hair!!! My face looks fat?! Dude, my mind is blown. 

I'm gonna skip your advice though, it's served me well. For one, I don't date men like you and I don't worry about pleasing them. And, I'm actually too busy picking up a third and fourth language, and going to law school, to worry about what damage!! my haircut is doing to my life, my worth, and my chances of being "loved."

How's your fifth year of college going? Have you read about misogyny? 

Call your mother.

Tate Brontë


"Half Of The Time We're Gone But We Don't Know Where"

Plus Size Model

I don't wear pants. Much.

Note: Pants as in trousers -- not underwear -- as I've recently discovered pants=panties in the UK.

I don't have anything against them, per say. I'm just more into dresses and skirts. If I'm shopping, I can probably find 10 dresses I adore right away, and one pair of jeans or trousers (and even that's rare). I don't know why this is. My guess is that it has to do with really loving vintage and girly things. Kind of like Jess in New Girl (or...any of Zooey Deschanel's characters, really). Though I did have a stage of about two years in middle school of only wearing tee shirts and jeans, and vividly remember my very cliche Colombian mother and brother complaining that I was turning into a tomboy. They'd try to persuade me day after day to put on some tights, but I wasn't having it. Suffice it to say, they (mi madre especially) prefer my choices in apparel at the present.

Anyway, when I find a pair of trousers that I really LOVE, I guard them with my life. I wear them scarcely so that they last long. I got these patterned pants at H&M Spain last January (and was delighted to find out H&M Spain carried up to size 18), and they're probably my favorite pair EVER. I love the psychedelic pattern and the soft feel. So even though they're not "this season's" I thought they were worthy of an outfit post. Actually, the whole ensemble is H&M Spain circa A/W collection 2012. As you guys know, I am a fan of pattern mixing (despite that we plus-size women are so often told that doing so is basically a sin) so instead of going for a solid black top, I chose a patterned jumper. 

I actually featured this look in my roundup of essential winterwear items for Bustle, and included many similar, currently shopable items in case you're interested in purchasing some patterned pants (not undies, though I love patterned undies too) and cozy sweaters.

http://www.bustle.com/articles/8616-velvet-damour-plus-size-supermodel-and-volup2-founder-talks-fashion-fun-and-the-future Plus Size Model Plus Size Model

10 November 2013

Autumnal Reflections

90s Fashion 2

I love everything about the autumn. Something about this time of year is so memory inducing that it's sad -- but not in a tragic, morose kind of way. Just in that way that makes you look back upon your childhood or adolescence -- look back at a time when your imagination was enough to help you cope with the world -- with fondness and nostalgia. I remember being a kid and knowing the second it was really fall. The scent. The air. The feel. It was -- is -- my favorite season. And though there is something of a spookiness to November -- a chill you often mistake for impending doom -- it's a beautiful time.

The end of each year is, in a lot of ways, the best. You can reflect on everything that's happened the previous 10 months; you can imagine what will happen next; you can hope and dream and recall and dissect. And maybe you're saddened by the things that could've gone smoother from January to October. Maybe you're saddened by the "what if's" and "if only's." But another year isn't far off. Another chance. Another opportunity to be better and do better.

This year was a big one for me, filled with so many changes. Graduating N.Y.U. and leaving the city, moving across the ocean and moving in with my boyfriend, starting an MA in a country I didn't know with people completely different to me in every integral way. And it wasn't perfect. It was flawed. Parts of it were, I would even go so far as to say, broken. And yet, I wouldn't change any aspect in the least.

I don't know. I've always been chastised for my over-sensitivity -- for thinking too much and feeling too much and crying too much. I've been told it's wrong -- that it's going to make life harder. That it makes me look weak and childish. But It doesn't feel wrong in the autumn. Everything is over-sensitive this season. The weather. The leaves. So I guess...maybe...that's why I love it so much. It's the one season that doesn't seem antagonistic.

To be honest, this year and last were probably the two hardest years of my life. And I don't know what I've learned from them. I haven't figured it out. I hope I do someday, though. And something about this time of year -- this month in particular -- makes me feel that that's a possibility. Like I'm not far from knowing what the point of it all was. Or whether there was no point at all, and it was just life. In the simplest of ways.

And because this is a style blog...

Get the look:

Moto Vintage Borg Denim Jacket, TopShop, $95

Hunter Original Tall Rainboots, Hunter, $140

Cord Pinafore Dress in Green, ASOS, $62

06 November 2013

"I Don't Know Why Less Is More, Love Is Blind"

Plus Size Model

I'm a 90s kid, in every possible way. Nirvana was the soundtrack to my childhood. I watched Rugrats and Kenan & Kel on repeat. And I spent a good 10 years solidly wearing denim everything. So no matter how trends change or fashion transforms, I always revert to dressing like the 90s kid I really am -- which means acid wash, crop tops and dark lips.

This skirt is one of the best clothing items I've purchased all year. A gem from Bad at Petting Cats (an authentic 90s shop on Etsy), it's become that thing I don't want to take off...ever. Because of the thick denim, I can actually get away with wearing it and not feeling remotely cold as the temperatures drop. All you really need to add is a crop top, chunky black platforms and solid black tights, and you're good to grunge. These Shellys London boots are kind of my new lover. I definitely recommend them. They're sexy and comfy and Courtney Love-esque. So...they're perfection, really.

You can check out my round-up of gorgeous, grungy 90s trends for plus-size women on Bustle!

Plus Size Model
Get the look:

Denim Pencil Skirt (similar), ASOS, $25

90s Crop Top, ASOS, $12

Shellys London Pilikova Platform Lace-Up Ankle Boots, ASOS, $151

Burgundy Beanie, TopMan, $20

03 November 2013

A Halloween Recap: That Time We Broke Bad

Breaking Bad

The moment Breaking Bad ended, I didn't know what I was going to do. For years, this dark drama has been a constant in my life. Obsession doesn't begin to cut it. Though Paddy and I couldn't have been happier with how the writers chose to end Jesse Pinkman's and Walter White's stories, we still knew we were going to have some massive withdrawal issues.

So when the time came to find some uber last minute Halloween costumes, we knew it was our chance to bring Jesse and Walt back into our lives, even if it was just for one night.

If you want to re-create the costumes, check out my guide on Bustle.

Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Breaking Bad
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