12 October 2013

Fall Trends Part 1: Plaid And Cute/Ugly Sweaters

Plus Size Model

I'm so pleased to announce that I am a new staff writer at Bustle, the amazing online women's magazine dedicated to honest stories regarding news, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and literature! My main topic of coverage: plus-size everything! Perfect, I know.

One of the pieces I did for the fashion page was 3 Fall Trends Plus-Size Women Should be Wearing -- but I wanted to share the extended version of each photo shoot here.

This is probably my favorite fall trend -- as you probably know from my tartan check post. But the combination with another of my autumnal must-have's was so spectacularly ideal that it catapulted me into a fashion high: the cute, ugly sweater. I tend to refer to these fairisle print sweater dresses as cute&ugly because there is that grandma feel to them with a metamorphosis of Zooey Deschanel cuteness that I fall for every time.

I first saw this ASOS Curve jacket thanks to Nicolette, who posted it in one of her weekly best round ups a few months ago, and thankfully, it's still available. I stand by what I wrote in Bustle: "It's got that boyfriend feel to it that adds just the right amount of androgyny without obscuring the overall femininity of the outfit."

Overall, there's a boyish girly girl-ness to this outfit that I'm in love with. The jacket gives the slackish-guy-shoulders while the sweater dress hugs the curves stunningly. And the Dr. Martens...I just didn't think this outfit could not have Dr. Martens.

Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model
Get the look:

Longline Jacket, ASOS Curve, $151

Sweater Dress, ASOS Curve, $62

Classic Dr. Martens, DrMarten, $130


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