30 October 2013

Fall Trends Part 3: Animal Faces Re-Vamped

Plus Size Model

My apologies that this is so long overdue. Basically, I started grad school about a month ago and have been totally swamped with 1500+ pages of reading weekly! I don't think I have read this much since speed reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I think it took me two days. But anyway, here is my third favorite fall trend -- part of a piece I did for Bustle on amazing seasonal trends plus-size women should be wearing.

You guys know I love breaking fat girl taboos, so the body-hugging pieces are staples in my wardrobe. I adore a 50s style, flowing dress as much as any vintage lover. But sometimes, you just want to show off the curves. This TopShop shark dress is just amazing. It hugs everything it needs to hug, emphasizing my silhouette whilst not being too overbearing. I love that TopShop's 12s often fit a 16/18. It just goes to show you should experiment with sizes even if you think there's no way you will fit into something two sizes smaller. A lot of times, you probably will.

So, I chose this dress because although I do often like things that are in-trend, what I don't like is ONLY liking things that are in trend. I never purchase anything I don't like just because it's "in." For instance, a trend we've all noticed in the past year is animal faces. Everyone seems to have a massive leopard, lion or generic feline face covering their chests. I don't like that. It's just not for me -- probably because I really don't like cats. But this shark dress felt totally different, like I was giving props to an animal not often featured in fashion whilst being somewhat "in trend" but holding my own and staying true to my tastes.

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

Plus Size Model

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Shark Dress, TopShop, $60

Tomato Red Suede Heels (similar), Zappos, $79

Heavenly Couture Jacket (similar), ASOS, $32

14 October 2013

Fall Trends Part 2: Ultra High-Waist and Jersey Tees

Plus Size Model

I really love, love, LOVE experimenting with and crushing all those boring fat girl fashion no-nos of the world; among them, crop tops! Since last year, we've seen jersey tops and contrast sleeve jackets take the fashion world by storm...by ultra thunderstorm. It's definitely a massive trend, but one that I have always loved. The same could be said about super high-waist denim. The whole high-waist thing seems to come in and out of fashion constantly, sometimes even in what seems like the space of a few days. But I've always loved the high-waist feel in skirts, shorts or jeans. Some would say that that is in an effort to hide the belly, but as you can see, these ASOS jeggings do anything but. And I kind of like that! #RebelSpirit

The addition of these platform Astrix boots was also a must. They may be my favorite shoes for fall. The quilted, textile pattern is unique and grungy, while the platform heel is comfortable and gives me that "you should be in a Michael Jackson music video circa 1980" feeling.

You can also check out my three favorite fall trends for plus-size beauties at Bustle.

Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model
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Uber high-waist denim jeggings, ASOS, $50 (similar available in black Curve)

Chunky lace-up boots, TopShop, $80

12 October 2013

Fall Trends Part 1: Plaid And Cute/Ugly Sweaters

Plus Size Model

I'm so pleased to announce that I am a new staff writer at Bustle, the amazing online women's magazine dedicated to honest stories regarding news, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and literature! My main topic of coverage: plus-size everything! Perfect, I know.

One of the pieces I did for the fashion page was 3 Fall Trends Plus-Size Women Should be Wearing -- but I wanted to share the extended version of each photo shoot here.

This is probably my favorite fall trend -- as you probably know from my tartan check post. But the combination with another of my autumnal must-have's was so spectacularly ideal that it catapulted me into a fashion high: the cute, ugly sweater. I tend to refer to these fairisle print sweater dresses as cute&ugly because there is that grandma feel to them with a metamorphosis of Zooey Deschanel cuteness that I fall for every time.

I first saw this ASOS Curve jacket thanks to Nicolette, who posted it in one of her weekly best round ups a few months ago, and thankfully, it's still available. I stand by what I wrote in Bustle: "It's got that boyfriend feel to it that adds just the right amount of androgyny without obscuring the overall femininity of the outfit."

Overall, there's a boyish girly girl-ness to this outfit that I'm in love with. The jacket gives the slackish-guy-shoulders while the sweater dress hugs the curves stunningly. And the Dr. Martens...I just didn't think this outfit could not have Dr. Martens.

Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model
Get the look:

Longline Jacket, ASOS Curve, $151

Sweater Dress, ASOS Curve, $62

Classic Dr. Martens, DrMarten, $130

08 October 2013

Elephants and Glitzz

Plus Size Model

Something I love about the beginning of fall is the transition from short sleeves to sweaters. So to me, one of the best seasonal pieces is the sweater top. The thicker fabric adds that extra warmth without making you jump into winter-wear before you're ready.

When I was gifted this beautiful Cache lace-back sweater, I knew it was the ideal transitional piece: a perfect mixture of lace and knit with that bonus glimmer I always love. I couldn't bear to wear it with anything other than my Forever21 Plus elephant leggings. Nothing else had that quirky feel I am always gravitating toward. Jeans were boring; high-waist shorts didn't suit it; lots of skirts were cute BUT nothing topped the elephant leggings. Though I admit to being bias because elephants are my favorite animal ever.

What I love about Cache pieces is that their clothes just make every body type look amazing. Though they aren't a plus-size brand, their XL's and 14's are generally spacious and comfortable. Every time I slip into Cache, I feel like a million bucks, which is well worth going a little over the average budget. My curves are shown off in a way I find flattering yet bold, and that's really important to me.
Plus Size Model Plus Size Model

Photography by Courtney Freeman
Get the look:

Sweater top, Cache, $98

Classic black pumps, Sofft Moselle, $81

Jewelry, Forever21

06 October 2013

Gok Wan For SimplyBe

Gok Wan Plus SizeWhen I found out that fashion expert and television presented Gok Wan would be collaborating with the plus-size brand SimplyBe for a lingerie line, I wasn't surprised. I have always loved Gok for his authenticity when it comes to promoting body love and confidence within the plus-size woman. He's always seemed to truly believe in beauty and health at every size, perhaps because he himself has been many sizes through his life. With his series "How to Look Good Naked," Gok really epitomized the idea that women can look and feel sexy, beautiful and at a self-esteem high at any size, and you have to love him for it.

This is by far the biggest photo shoot I have ever featured on Big, Beautiful and Bold. I was lucky enough to receive four of Gok's designs from SimplyBe U.S., and because each of them had a different feel, they required different staging, lighting and accessorizing. And a bit of multi-persona embodiment.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of plus-size women come forward and feature swimsuit and lingerie shoots on their personal blogs, and I truly think that such photo sets are changing the way mainstream fashion looks at the plus market -- because when size 12+ women come forward and show that they are comfortable and confident in bikinis or retro undies, it says a lot.

Gok Wan Plus Size IMG_2987 Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus Size Gok Wan Plus SizeGok Wan Plus Size
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