12 September 2013


I must admit that the current geek chic trend is sweet and sour for me. On the one hand, I'm glad the fashion world is embracing Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek and all things comic book-y because quite frankly I love all these things and have always felt they were somewhat mocked by most retailers. On the other hand, my skin crawls when I see all the bleached blonde, spray tanned teeny boppers of the world wearing tight-fitted, bold and capitalized NERD and GEEK tees because they find it ironic. Or worse...when someone who couldn't even tell you who Luke and Leia are wears a Star Wars sweater from Forever21. But alas, the latter needs to be overlooked because finally I can find fabulous nerd-wear on every corner. Even if it's only a temporary trend, which is probably, most likely is.

So, as you all know, I really enjoy mixing patterns and combining pieces of totally different fashion genres. In this case, I had a lot of fun introducing the more upscale Cache to H&M knits. I love a good pencil skirt's ability to really show off your curves and highlight a bigger gal's waist to hip ratio...mine, for one, is quite prominent. This particular skirt was a must -- it was just so me. As for Cache, I love splurging on their printed dresses or black and white pieces every once in a while. I hadn't found anything to combine this Spring 2013 top with until now, though. And my main accessory: the sparkly sock. I don't know, but something about looking down and seeing a little glitter on my feet always makes me smile even when I'm down. Lame...perhaps. But oh well.

Photos by photographer and fashion/lifestyle blogger, Isaiah Johnson.

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Get the Look:

Skirt, H&M, $13

Shirt, Cache, Spring 2013 Collection

Shoes, ASOS, $42

Glitter Socks, American Apparel, $9

Necklace, Forever21, $13

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