08 September 2013

A Weekend In ModCloth: Part 2

As promised yesterday, here is part two of my "Weekend in ModCloth." This "Spin There, Done That" dress honestly makes me want to play hop scotch or break out the hula hoop (not that I was every very good at either -- lack of coordination and balance and all that).

I've been getting very into checkered print (a side effect of my month in New Jersey no doubt) so I love this pattern. The side pockets are probably my favorite detail, though. They add just a bit of whimsy to an otherwise picnic-perfect dress. Other details include bows on each strap, a waist belt of the same pattern and chunky buttons -- you can never go wrong with chunky buttons. The only accessory I felt was necessary was this emerald green varsity jacket, courtesy of Forever21. Kinda feeling like Sandy Olsen right now -- pre leather hot pants.

My thanks once again to Isaiah Johnson, photographer and fashion/lifestyle blogger of A Collected Gentleman for shooting these and even getting a good Marilyn-esque shot!

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Get the Look:

Dress, ModCloth, $75

Jacket, Forever21 (only available in royal blue now), $15

Shoes, Thrifted


  1. I love Modcloth, but struggling to find a stockist in the UK :-( x

  2. Oh no :( That is the problem. Their international shipping is costly. But honestly, it's worth it. I've been living in the UK so I know what you mean, though!


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