23 September 2013

A Lil Rock N' Roll

Plus Size ModelEvery so often, I get the urge to ditch my uber girly dresses and skirts and go for something edgier. I love experimenting with different styles and categories of clothing, and definitely don't believe that we should all be forced to fit into one fashion genre just because it's easier to classify. I'm not a lover of man-made boxes. Whenever anyone asks me how I would define my style, I revert to saying something like "vintage with a modern twist" but in actuality, it would be impossible to assign one label to everything in my wardrobe. Nor would I want to be one of those people who refuses to buy anything that doesn't come from one particular section of one particular shop. Meh pfft.

I really loved this outfit because it wasn't necessarily my "standard" go-to ensemble, but it was comfortable and different and had an ounce of bedazzle at the toes. H&M Jersey dresses are a wonderful thing. Though it's rare to find any actual plus-sizes, I find their mediums and larges to stretch quite substantially. The size I am wearing here is actually a medium, but it fits like a glove and provides that body-hugging, curve revealing quality that I adore. Yay fuller figures! I will warn you, though, that zippers on such dresses work just like any other zipper. I found this out back in high school when my dear friend decided to unzip a dress I was wearing thinking there would be fabric underneath (in front of my whole AP English class need I add). There wasn't fabric underneath.

As for this jacket, I got an amazing deal on it at Forever21 Plus earlier this summer. Unfortunately, it's sold out, but you can find something similar in blue here. I felt after putting on the dress and jacket that I needed something extra to lighten up the mood. So I went for these glitterified marble flats by Steve Madden. If you recall, I have a theory that having bedazzled socks (or shoes in this case) will provide some extra brightness and cheer if you're feeling a little murky.

This is my final shoot with Isaiah Johnson, photographer and fashion/lifestyle blogger. He tried so hard to get me to look angry and grungy, but alas, I couldn't be serious. Once again, thanks for taking the time to shoot me in NYC amidst a crazy fashion week frenzy!
Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size Model Plus Size ModelGet the look:

Zipper Jersey Dress, H&M, similar (this pattern is sold out), $18

Jacket, Forever21, another similar, $35


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