29 August 2013

UK Roadtrip Recap

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Not very long ago, I spent a week roadtripping through the UK. The destinations:

London, Brighton, Bath, West Country, Lake District, Keswick, Portree and the Isle of Skye.

It's funny. At the end of the roadtrip, I felt so -- so carefree, comfortable, positive, confident, at peace.

Enter real world.

So easily, it all seemed to evaporate when work and stress and people and daily life came back into the picture. But today I remembered that week, and how happy I was, and how everything seemed like it was going to be ok. And I thought...if we can just find a way to hold on to those incredible feelings, even when things are not-so-incredible, maybe the real world won't seem so bad. Or even if it still seems hideous, we can at least remember that escapism is possible. That all you have to do to feel free and good and yourself is head into the middle of nowhere Scotland, perhaps with someone you love, and tune out all the rest.

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