01 August 2013

Nerd Alert

For a while now, I have had a dream: to come in contact with (and/or stalk) Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and essentially the whole Enterprise crew.

The closest I have come to this dream was at Philadelphia ComicCon a year ago. I didn't have the money to pay for a photograph or brief meet and greet with William Shatner, so instead, I peeked at him intensely from behind a curtain like the creeper that I truly am.

The second nearest wish fulfillment came when I ALMOST attended a party hosted by Leonard Nimoy in NYC to celebrate his friend's book release. I was only invited because I was interning at the same publishing house his friend happened to be working with. But because I am the most unlucky human in the world, just a week before the party my program came to an end. Depression consumed me.

So you'll understand when I found out that I could have Spock and Kirk's faces plastered on a 1950's inspired dress, I had to jump at the opportunity. Literally, I think I actually jumped in ecstasy when I discovered Polka Dot Polly, and the incredible "Special Order Fabric" section. From Star Wars to SpongeBob to Superman to yes, Star Trek, PDP has the best flippin fabrics I have seen in a long time -- all made into dazzling vintage inspired dresses, tops and skirts. The mother/daughter team of Polka Dot Polly works with your unique measurements, so this is absolutely perfect for any plus-size gal looking for vintage dresses but finding the task a difficult one!

This dress is the best thing I have ever owned. It's better than my iPod, better than my Netflix subscription, even better than my original Lord of the Rings box set. When I received it, I wore it for three straight days, forgetting the rules of hygiene and all social norms. Trekkies, you will understand why.
Star Trek Model Star Trek ModelStar Trek Model Star Trek Model Star Trek Model Star Trek ModelStar Trek Model Star Trek ModelGet the Look:

Custom Made/Special Order Fabric Dress, Polka Dot Polly, $170

Gladiator Jelly Sandals, Top Shop, $40

I decided to be extra nerdy and use the PicStitch app for photo editing. Normally, I'm not big on photo editing but these effects are just super cool.

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