30 July 2013


Plus Size BloggerDear Friends,

First and foremost, I want to extend my sincerest apologies to you all for my hiatus from the blogosphere. It’s been a while since I’ve popped around, and all I can say to justify this is that I’ve been at a mental roadblock. As someone who doesn’t generally cope well with change, having two months of tremendous alterations has meant that personal writing has been pushed aside. Yes, I am ashamed.

Since I last wrote properly, many things have taken a turn, but now I’m ready to come back and re-join the fat pride movement and curvaceous company at full force.

Just to catch everyone up: back in May, I made the big move to the U.K – from New York to York. I get questioned a lot about this decision, and said questions are usually along the lines of, “How could you leave THE Sex in the City for the English countryside?!” Well, it’s simple, I prefer the English countryside. New York is a beautiful city. It has tons to offer in the way of its culture and its people. It’s probably THE best place in all of the U.S. of A. But it’s not for me. I need my privacy. I need to hear the silence. It’s only in silence that I can really get my thoughts onto a piece of paper, and let’s face it, you don’t get quiet in Manhattan. Some people think my move was simply down to falling in love with someone who happened to be from England, but it’s not the case. When it came down to it, I know he would have moved to the states if I had wanted, but I didn’t and still don’t want that. So…this transatlantic move is indeed a big part of why I haven’t been around. It’s tough to move all your things to a new place, get all those things settled in that new place, and come to grips with being a foreign entity in a new world. But I am happy. And that’s pretty big for me. I miss my close friends and family, but I am with new friends and family. I’m safe and loved and inspired by the breathtaking scenes just outside my windowsill.

In other news, I would like to announce my official withdrawal from the Miss Plus Size International pageant. As you guys know, I was accepted as a finalist early this year, and upon my arrival into the U.K. I met the administrators and 29 other contestants. I met some lovely women, who I now consider friends and whom I fully intend to remain friends with. But when it comes down to it, plain and simple, I am not meant for the pageant world. It isn’t me. I won’t go into this in detail, but I will say that it’s very easy to tell what is right and wrong for you. The hard part is choosing the things that are right, and saying goodbye to the ones that are wrong. I say it’s difficult because sometimes, the things that are wrong for you are right for others, and vice versa; and sometimes things that are wrong take a long time to become obvious. I felt I would be letting people down by leaving, but ultimately, I knew I had to do it, and I hope you all understand.

As for my journalism, I have an exciting project in the works. I can’t tell you much, but I will tell you that by the end of it all, I should have a collection of articles in book form! This won’t be for some time, but when it is completed, you will all hear about it! I am also now a contributing writer at VolUp2 Magazine, the baby of the beautiful Velvet D’Amour. Velvet is one of the most courageous, stunning women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and I am thrilled to be on her staff. You may know her from her work wih Jean-Paul Gaultier and John Galliano. If you don’t, I’m sure you’ll remember her from the “Feed the Models” photo shoot – looking phenomenallll in a tight red top and lace undies. When my first stories come out, you’ll know!

So that’s it for me, really. In September I will start my Master’s in Contemporary Literature and Culture at the University of York. I will work on my book. I will keep working in the pro-plus movement. For now, I’m back babies, and here to stay.


Gossip Girl

JK…it’s just me.

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