03 June 2013

Etsy Enamorment

My name is Marie and I am an Etsy slut.

It's a problem.  I have an obsession.  Every time I type in that URL my heart starts racing.  Like an addict, I tell myself that this time will be different.  That this time I will not purchase that antique steampunk pocket watch or handmade 1920s wedding crown (for a future wedding that I'm not even sure will ever be reality outside of my head).  I promise myself that I won't buy the velvet vintage gown or the hemp hangers that I know will be the perfect addition to my wardrobe.  Every time I fail, I cave, I give in to the DYO gurus selling their crafts and clothes and clay concoctions.

When I found the shop MellySueMade, I knew I was a goner.  The upcycled dresses and tunics caught my eye and I simply had to click the add to cart button.  Unlike most of my Etsy purchases, this one did not come with the pangs of guilt caused by my overindulgence.  This purchase was perfect.  Like all the shop's apparel, the dress fits about a 1-2XL.  I'm in love.

This dress also inspired me to introduce Cookie, my Yorkshire terrier who has been with me since I was six years old.  At almost 17, he's an old fellow, and a loyal one.  He doesn't notice my ever-fluctuating weight.  He doesn't care if I'm a size 8 or 18.  He may be yappy and a tiny nuisance every so often, but he's my friend.  And he complements this patchwork dress very nicely if you ask me.

Marie Southard Marie Southard Marie Southard Marie Southard Marie Southard Marie Southard
For a similar look:

Dress, MellySueMade on Etsy, about $40-60

Heels, ModCloth $179.99



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my shop! It is a little barren at the moment but I am working on more items!

  2. Of course! I can't wait to see what will come next on your shop :)

  3. Dios es perfecto y te hizo perfecta. Eres el reflejo de su creacion, mujer virtuosa


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