08 May 2013

Wobbles And Wine

I must admit this shoot was done last fall.  I visited the Renault Winery in New Jersey with a dear friend -- this winery being one of my favorite places in the country, although granted, I've never been to the wineries in Napa Valley, even though I have yearned to go ever since watching The Parent Trap (yes, the Lindsay Lohan version) as a kid.  The gourmet restaurant offers a super-sized buffet where I tend to over-indulge in dozens of different seafoods, pastas and desserts, while obviously taking the utmost advantage of the wine tasting.  But the scenery, considering this is New Jersey we are talking about, is gorgeous as well -- unexpected and all the better for it.  I love strolling through the grape vines (literally) and the mini ponds and wicker garden sets, and naturally wanted my picture taken on this last visit -- or, several of my pictures taken.

Normally I wouldn't post photos from a few months ago, BUT the weather is slowly getting better, I'm in the mood for some spring-spiration and I'm waiting anxiously for it to be nice enough so that I can wear this dress again, purchased at ModCloth, obviously.  The 60's housewife meets pin-up girl feel of it made me press that "add to cart" button immidiately.  And it was actually after wearing this dress and feeling beautiful and glamorous and sexy that I was inspired to start this blog.  In fact, one of these photos is on my very first post ever!  So in a way, this dress has brought me the best gift -- this blog and the incredibe responses and support I've received from you lovely people.  So, I give a toast to vintage dresses and plus-size lovers.

Note: Please forgive that the photo quality isn't as great as my recent shoots, BUT this was before I blogged and worried about such things :p

Marie Southard 1

Marie Southard 5

Marie Southard 4

Marie Southard 2

Marie Southard 3

Marie Southard 7

Marie Southard 6

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